Interface between development and production

Process development

Interface between development and production 

The latest methods and technologies are expected to be applied practically in everyday factory operations as soon as possible at Festo – in an intelligent, future-oriented and, above all, reliable manner. In this respect, process development is the link between development projects and production start-up.

What does the future of production look like? Which technologies does Festo have to master? And in which places should established production routes be replaced by new methods? The process developers assess the potential of new production methods both early on and systematically, supporting the Technology Plant and Festo plants around the world.

Development on-site

In the technical centre at Scharnhausen, experimental constructs can also be found alongside test facilities. The department is completed by its own mechanical workshop and accompanying analysis methods. The process developers work intensively on adhesive technologies, but only on new joining processes, forming techniques, coating and cleaning methods, spray greasing methods, material selection, laser technologies and modern printing methods.