• Prävention


    Outstanding quality through to the end of the value added chain requires preventive measures – from all employees and at each work stage.

  • Qualifizierung


    Consistently quality-oriented work begins with the necessary abilities and a responsible attitude.

  • Service


    A credible service promise for each individual customer entails strict compliance with the required quality standards.

  • Innovation


    Future-proof solutions often combine new developments with those that have already proven themselves in practice.

Quality made to measure

Available worldwide – made by Festo 

Anyone who talks about quality means customer satisfaction. That covers everything that our customers perceive of us: the interfaces, the processes and, above all, the people behind them. That is why at Festo we talk about holistic company quality – which we practise internally and externally, together with our customers and cooperating partners.

Company quality


Quality from the start: that is the requirement in every area of Festo. The responsibility for implementing this lies with each individual – in the sense of the best solution for your task.

A globally established quality management system and all relevant certifications create a secure basis for how the employees at Festo think and act – from sales advice to well beyond delivery.

Product quality


For most of our customers, increasingly complex tasks are the order of the day. Together with you, we are happy to take on these challenges and contribute the best-suited solutions and future-proof products. In our view, any product is only as good as the benefit that it provides for each individual customer.

Holistic quality therefore begins with the first conversation – during which we clarify what the best solution looks like. And it does not stop should there be a complaint.

Process quality


Errors in the process chain not only cost time and money, they put the confidence in your and our products at risk. That is why every step towards stable, waste-free processes is important to us.

Whether it involves a catalogue product or a customised solution,  the quality of the processes and the products and the attitude of the employees must interact in an optimal manner. The working relationship is particularly pleasing for our customers – because they can act more confidently among the competition.

Quality in everything that we do: our short overview shows you what that means at Festo and, especially, for your work with us. You can find out more by getting in touch personally.

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