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Scholarships for women doing master’s degrees in technical fields  

Scholarships for women doing master’s degrees in technical fields

We are specifically looking to encourage women to take up careers in technology, and to support them in gaining practical experience and making the most of their talents. Because we believe that women bring with them new perspectives and angles on the world of technology, and that is something we do not want to miss out on. We are therefore looking for dedicated female master’s degree students who are studying subjects relating to mechatronics and electrical engineering and who have a good academic track record.

What makes our scholarship so special? Our holistic approach, which ranges from financial assistance and numerous development programmes to help with launching a career at Festo. Are you ready to enter the world of automation technology? Then apply now. We look forward to getting to know you better!

Send your informative application documents by e-mail to eb@festo.com.
We are looking forward to your application in 2021.


After the first six scholarship recipients in 2013/2014, another five students have been awarded a Festo scholarship since the 2015/2016 winter semester. The women applied because of the many opportunities that the scholarship offers: together with phases of working in different departments and the chance to work on their master’s thesis there, they gain an overview of the company, an idea of how a subsequent career at Festo might look and the chance to launch a successful career.

From the lecture theatre to the assessment centre

Candidates must first go through a selection process, as there is a lot of competition for scholarship places, and it’s all about standing out from the crowd. Apart from looking at technical skills and creativity during the selection process, we are also interested in each applicant’s personality and her methodological and interpersonal skills. It is important to us that applicants are committed to their studies and their interest in technology.

Scholarships for women doing master’s degrees in technical fields

Personal mentoring – one of the scholarship’s many benefits

In addition to monthly funding, each scholarship recipient is supported by a personal mentor. The mentor guides her through her time with us, and also acts as her go-to person both at a professional and personal level. Mentors can also help to open the door to a career for the young women; some of the students have already been able to complete a traineeship, a placement as a working student, or their master’s thesis at Festo.

Scholarship student Kathrin Evers has fond memories of her enlightening time as a trainee at Festo, and Anna Lena Fetzer is looking forward to her master’s thesis in embedded-systems research. Of course, it is particularly nice when the student directly joins Festo after completing her degree. In Lena Hägele’s case, the scholarship was a real stroke of luck, as she completed her studies while at Festo and was then taken on by the company without missing a beat. Susanne Krichel also carried on working at Festo, and has been with us for several years now. This shows that the scholarship can indeed serve as the launching pad for a long-term career at Festo.

Different perspectives ensure an optimal result

Dr Axel-Andreas Gomeringer is the head of the innovation and technology management department. Mercedes Barkmeyer and Olga Straub are key members of his eight-person team. ‘Although engineering as a profession is still heavily dominated by men, we do now have several women in our team who provide a fantastic counterpart. They contribute very different perspectives and points of view. It is precisely this variety that makes us what we are and helps us to find the best solutions for the diverse tasks that we have to tackle, in mixed teams.

For instance, our female colleagues may have different methods for handling projects and reaching out to other employees. We are keen to encourage women to get degrees in engineering or other technical subjects, and to apply to our company after they graduate. Our scholarship is aimed at precisely that goal, by making studying for a degree easier through funding, while also offering great opportunities to get a feel for Festo’s working environment and to make valuable contacts.’


  • Financial support: €250 per month (for four semesters)
  • Mentoring by Festo engineers
  • Involvement in the ‘Stay Inspired’ trainee retention programme
  • Assistance in finding a traineeship abroad, doing a thesis or dissertation project or directly starting a career with Festo


  • You have just started or are about to start a master’s degree in mechatronics or electrical engineering.
  • Together with your CV and an up-to-date overview of your marks, your application should include an informative covering letter in which you tell us about yourself and your interest in technology.