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Business management work experience placements at Festo

What do management assistants do, exactly? Are you thinking of embarking on some vocational business management training or a business-oriented integrated degree course after you leave school? Then why not get a taste of different areas of work at our German locations in Esslingen am Neckar and St. Ingbert Rohrbach? Your placement will provide you with the answers to all of your questions, as you’ll be able to shadow our employees and try out lots of things for yourself.

Note: Please note that the minimum age for a traineeship during the school holidays is 15. The law states that holiday placements cannot be offered to anyone younger than this statutory minimum.

Esslingen am Neckar: business management work experience placement

How do business processes work in a company like Festo? What are the different departments? How do they work together? You can learn all about this as part of your work experience placement. And if you wish, you can use your placementweek to take the next step towards doing vocational training or an integrated degree course at Festo, and take part in our recruitment test.

Over the next few months, we’re offering the following placements:

  • 14.11. – 17.11.2017 Calendar week 46 already full
  • 05.12. – 08.12.2017 Calendar week 49 already full
  • 26.03. – 29.03.2018 Calendar week 13 already full
  • 22.05. – 25.05.2018 Calendar week 21 already full
  • 18.06. – 22.06.2018 Calendar week 25 already full

Apply either directly online or send your application documents (covering letter, CV and copies of your last two reports) to:
Festo AG & Co. KG
Vocational training
73726 Esslingen-Berkheim
+49 (0) 800 4473 9858 638

St. Ingbert-Rohrbach: business management work experience placement

How do business processes work in an international company like Festo? How are goods sent from A to B? How are shipping documents issued? How are invoices checked? How are goods properly stored?

You’ll find out the answers to these questions and many more if you opt for vocational training in our commercial area. If you are interested in this area of business and want to find out more, then this is your chance to satisfy your curiosity. Observe the work carried out by industrial executives at close quarters during a week-long placement at St. Ingbert-Rohrbach:

Contact person
Mr Andreas Kempf
+49 (0) 6894 591 6888

St. Ingbert-Rohrbach: technical secondary school-based traineeship

We also offer long-term traineeships especially for technical secondary school pupils at St. Ingbert-Rohrbach. You can start right from the beginning of the summer holidays. During your one-year specialist traineeship with us, you’ll get a taste of human resource management, product management, logistics, accounting and marketing.

Applications for the technical secondary school-based traineeship are open until the end of February every year. Send your application covering letter, CV and copies of your last four reports to:

Ms Carmen Grün
+ 49 (0) 6894 591 6284

St. Ingbert-Rohrbach: pre-study or basic traineeship in business management for prospective degree students

Have you already decided to do a business-related degree after leaving school? Congratulations on making this decision. Lots of courses require you to have completed a pre-study or basic placement over several weeks as a condition of entry. Find out as early as possible whether this is required for your degree course. If it is, please send us your application covering letter, CV and copies of your most recent reports to our representative in St. Ingbert Rohrbach:

Ms Carmen Grün
+ 49 (0) 6894 591 6284