• BionicCobot


    Free-moving, intuitive to operate and predestined for direct human-robot collaboration; the pneumatic lightweight robot BionicCobot.

  • BionicMotionRobot


    From sensitive to powerful – the robot arm can fluently perform the natural movements of an elephant’s trunk and an octopus’s tentacle.

  • TentacleGripper


    The flexible silicone tentacle not only grips softly and securely – it also fulfils the strict criteria of a soft robotics component.

  • FreeMotionHandling


    With the autonomous indoor flying object, Festo has for the first time combined gripping and flying in a single future concept.

  • 3D Cocooner

    3D Cocooner

    The bionic 3D Cocooner spins complex and equally stable lattice structures out of a glass fibre thread – freely in space, without any support.

  • BionicANTs


    For the BionicANTs, Festo has not only technically implemented the delicate anatomy of ants, but also their cooperative behaviour.

  • eMotionButterflies


    Thanks to an intelligent indoor GPS with infrared technology, the artificial butterflies are able to move in an enclosed space without colliding. Find out more!

  • FlexShapeGripper


    By inverting its elastic silicone cap, the gripper can pick up, gather and set back down the widest range of objects in a single procedure.

Bionic Learning Network

Highlights 2015–2017 

In Future Concepts 2015 to 2017, our bionics team is again investigating what the production of the future can learn from nature. Whether it involves bionic approaches in robotics, intelligent subsystems, amazing grip mechanisms or new production technologies – the projects on show once again created new impetus for the factory of tomorrow.