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Engineering careers  

Engineering careers

Festo is always coming up with striking new innovations in the field of automation technology. At Festo we don’t put any limits on ideas, as we know that they are a breeding ground for new technology. As one of our engineers, you can give your creativity free rein, from the initial design to the production stage. We’re the place for creatives with a talent for innovation, together with unconventional and lateral thinkers. Welcome to Festo.

Sales engineers

From the automotive industry to food processing, and from biotech pharmaceuticals to the chemical industry – we span over 35 different industries and develop customised automation technology solutions for over 300,000 customers. As a sales engineer at Festo, you will act as the go-to contact for our customers, ensuring that they always make the right decisions.

That’s your job

You are always ready to lend an ear to our customers and are able to provide comprehensive and solution-oriented advice based on your technical expertise. Your most important tool is trust. As a sales engineer, you also manage relationships and build long-lasting customer relations. You handle requests from our customers, who come from a wide range of sectors, and work with our internal departments to find the best solution. By creating an optimal internal and external network, you are instrumental in the implementation of Festo’s strategic objectives.

What we want from you

You have a good degree in mechatronics, electrical engineering, automation technology, mechanical engineering or industrial engineering, and ideally also have three to five years’ professional experience in automation technology. You are able to evaluate market potential, recognise trends at an early stage, and have comprehensive technical knowledge. You are a genuine and open-minded networker and have the ability to empathise with different situations and customers’ concerns. Are you looking for some freedom to develop your negotiating skills? Then welcome to our sales network.

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Junior Vertriebsingenieur (m/w) Region Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis

Referenzcode S16-308423H
Germany / Villingen-Schwenningen

Junior Vertriebsingenieur (m/w) Region Rhein-Neckar/Baden

Referenzcode S16-308426H
Germany / Karlsruhe

Vertriebsingenieur Industriesegment Food and Packaging (m/w)

Referenzcode S16-1207H
Germany / Region West

Junior Vertriebsingenieur (m/w) Region Südbayern

Referenzcode S16-308421H
Germany / München

Junior Vertriebsingenieur (m/w) Region Nordbayern

Referenzcode S16-308422H
Germany / Nürnberg

Junior Vertriebsingenieur (m/w) Region Mittlerer Neckar

Referenzcode S16-308424H
Germany / Esslingen

Junior Vertriebsingenieur (m/w) Region Rheinland

Referenzcode S16-308427H
Germany / Neuss

Junior Vertriebsingenieur (m/w) Region Ost-Westfalen

Referenzcode S16-308428H
Germany / Bielefeld

Junior Vertriebsingenieur (m/w) Region Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein

Referenzcode S16-308419H
Germany / Hamburg

Junior Vertriebsingenieur (m/w) Region Sachsen/Sachsen-Anhalt

Referenzcode S16-308420H
Germany / Chemnitz-Röhrsdorf


Development engineers

Those who love technology are bound to feel at home at Festo – with 100 patented new products every year, we promise development engineers a working environment that is full of innovation. The abiding focus is on pneumatic and electrical automation technology. And we’re driving the technology of tomorrow, too, by providing a space for those with a talent for invention. Only by providing such a space can we ensure that your passion for technology can give rise to the innovations of the future.

That’s your job

As a development engineer, you are the driving force behind our innovations. You develop products and solutions for customers from a wide range of sectors. You oversee our development projects from the initial design to the production stage, ensuring that our customers always receive the best solutions. This job offers ample space for new ideas, scope for innovation, and the opportunity to write industry history with us.

What we want from you

You have a good degree in mechatronics, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering. Ideally, you will already have some professional experience in pneumatics, drive technology or mechanical engineering. You take an inventive approach to your work, are able to think in different ways and have the courage to try new things. You have experience as a project leader and are focused on one thing above all: your own development project at Festo. We look forward to receiving your application!

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Entwicklungsingenieur Embedded Software - Motoransteuerung (m/w)

Referenzcode CE17-36669H
Germany / Esslingen

Entwicklungsingenieur Embedded Software - Servoantriebsregler (m/w)

Referenzcode CE17-14245H
Germany / Esslingen


Project engineers

Our wide range of technology and the diverse requirements of our customers mean that we need to interact closely with the market. As a project engineer, you have a key role in this process, advising our customers and working with them to come up with customer-specific solutions.

That’s your job

As a project engineer, you are our product and technical specialist, working independently to devise individual solutions for our customers. From preparing tenders to delivering the project and beyond, you are in charge of diverse and complex technological projects. You will be able to call upon your scientific knowledge and your technical expertise. You will work in different sectors and have ample creative freedom to implement your own ideas.

What we want from you

You have a good degree in mechatronics, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering and ideally have experience in project planning and sales. You have strong technical and constructive expertise and a good feel for people, situations and solid approaches. In essence, you are good at seeing the big picture, while also having an eye for detail. Demonstrate your powers of persuasion and initiative by applying to become a project engineer at Festo.

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Projektleiter Produktentwicklung (mw)

Referenzcode DC17-312524H
Germany / Denkendorf

Projektleiter Electric Automation (m/w)

Referenzcode C17-36182H
Germany / Esslingen

Leiter Digital Business Development (m/w)

Referenzcode CM17-33526H
Germany / Esslingen


Leiter Future Technology (m/w)

Referenzcode CR17-5982H
Germany / Esslingen


Projektingenieur Prozessautomation (m/w)

Referenzcode S17-37461H
Germany / Esslingen