Ideas from hackers for the BionicCobot

Festo was a sponsor of the second Hackathon Stuttgart and offered up the BionicCobot as a challenge 

Hackathon 2018

Around 200 developers, designers and other creative minds turned their ideas into action for two days and two nights at the hackathon in the Römerkastell’s Phoenixhalle in Stuttgart at the end of October 2018. Festo was a sponsor and presented the BionicCobot as a challenge.

The basic idea of the hackathon is to develop an innovative idea, find a team, brainstorm the concept, get started – and present a finished result after 42 hours. Festo made the BionicCobot available to the creative minds for them to put their ideas for human–robot collaboration into action.

Four teams took up this challenge and developed completely different concepts. The ideas ranged from gesture control and sensitive gripping tasks to remote manipulation via a camera image.

The jury was most impressed by the application as an interactive game for seniors. With the BionicCobot they can train their mobility and reactivity. The robot arm with a softball in the Fin Ray Gripper (product name DHAS) moves to four fixed points. The player whose turn it is starts the game with an order to Alexa and then has to hit the ball with their hand as fast as possible. A light indicates when an action can be started and when it is completed. Another integrated gadget is a laser barrier that ensures that nobody starts too close to the BionicCobot and thus gains an advantage. At the end the players can ask Alexa how the round went.

Hackathon 2018
Source Images: logicline GmbH

‘We are enthusiastic about the creative ideas and concepts that the teams developed and partially implemented in the short time available. That’s exactly why we participated in a hackathon for the first time. Software is becoming increasingly important to us as well and is crucial to our intelligent solutions for the production of the future,’ says Dirk Weidig, who is responsible for data architectures and data models in Festo’s Digital Business.

Festo as an employer for software developers

Software developers are in demand everywhere. But where can your work impact entire industries? Make it happen at Festo! An effective synergy between superb engineering skills and outstanding software development forms the foundation for our success. Gripping or welding technology for car manufacturing, packaging plants in the food industry or high-precision machines for pharmaceutical production – the result is always smart and intuitive products – thanks to our software, electronics and IT architecture. This is the perfect environment for keen computer scientists.