• BionicSoftHand


    Pneumatic robot hand with artificial intelligence for direct human–robot collaboration.

  • BionicSoftArm


    Thanks to its modular design, the robot arm masters free and flexible movements as well as defined sequences.

  • BionicFinWave


    For the BionicFinWave, our bionics team was inspired by the undulating fin movement.

  • BionicWorkplace


    Safe and efficient human–robot collaboration with artificial intelligence for customised production.

  • BionicFlyingFox


    Flying fox as inspiration: thanks to its intelligent kinematics, the BionicFlyingFox is as agile and manoeuvrable in flight as its natural role model.

  • BionicWheelBot


    Inspired by the flic-flac spider, its natural role model, the BionicWheelBot can both walk and roll.

  • Bionics4Education


    Attention, Pupils! Bionics4Education allows the world of bionics to be experienced in the classroom – with a practical training kit and a digital learning environment.

Bionic Learning Network

Highlights 2018-2019 

Whether it’s a forward-looking work environment, amazing forms of movement or an interactive educational concept – in 2018 and 2019, our highlight projects once again demonstrated that bionics arouses curiosity and can be groundbreaking in how future work and learning environments can be designed responsibly.