SupraTransport: motion with a large levitation gap

Contact-free operation through walls 

Thanks to its defined levitation gap, not only can superconducting systems operate in all spatial planes, but they can also operate through walls. This unlocks completely new possibilities for handling in protected spaces or over cladding. SupraTransport demonstrates how the combination of superconductor technology and a permanent magnetic rail can achieve a particularly large and at the same time stable levitation gap.

SupraTransport’s L-shaped workpiece carrier levitates at a considerable distance above a magnetic rail thanks to a permanent magnet attached to its underside. Another permanent magnet is attached at a 90° angle to it, which is coupled with and kept stable by a superconductor. It thereby fixes the position of the workpiece carrier above the magnetic rail.


Separation of working space and equipment

Coverings are fitted between the carrier and the superconductor as well as the rail, neatly separating the working space from the surroundings. With the help of electrical axes, both the cryostat with the superconductor and the levitating carrier coupled to it can be moved along the magnetic rail.

The particularly large levitation gap makes cleaning the application much easier – which is particularly beneficial in laboratory automation, medical technology, the food or pharmaceutical industry or packaging technology. In addition, the carrier can easily levitate across small obstacles.

The L-shaped carrier with vertical and horizontal levitation gap
The L-shaped carrier with vertical and horizontal levitation gap