Digital dentistry

Articel of 27 August 2021 


Whether it is tooth decay, periodontosis or uneven teeth: most people have to deal with dental problems during the course of their life. According to a survey by a large insurance company, around a third of 45- to 59-year-olds have even lost at least one tooth. Thanks to digital dentistry, these can be replaced quickly and easily. Used here: the Carry ball screw drive from the screw drive specialist, Eichenberger.

If a person loses a tooth, many important functions of their chewing organs become limited: for example, a missing front tooth makes forming sounds difficult. A loss of the posterior teeth can impair the chewing and support function.

If the gaps in the teeth stay untreated for a longer period, this can also lead to the remaining teeth moving or tilting in the mouth. That is why it is usually urgent to treat the loss of teeth as soon as possible.

Digital dentistry enables a high-quality and natural-looking denture to be produced in a short time. The need to take an impression – which many patients find uncomfortable – and the multistage manufacturing process in a dental laboratory are omitted.

Digital dentures – how it works:

In digital dentistry, the dentist firstly scans the patient’s head. During this process, the patient sits on a chair and the device rotates around them. The scanner takes images and reconstructs the missing tooth digitally on the screen with the help of 3D software. Also used during the scanning process is the Carry ball screw drive made by the company, Eichenberger Gewinde. Carry moves a chain, which rotates the scanner forwards and backwards through 360 degrees.

The Carry ball screw helps to provide tooth replacement quickly and easily.
The Carry ball screw helps to provide tooth replacement quickly and easily.

After the scanning process, the actual tooth is produced on the 3D printer. To do so, a special liquid is chemically hardened using a laser. The Carry ball screw drive also features in this step. It takes care of the printer’s so-called Z-motion – the up and down movement of the liquid. Carry thus helps to make dentures quickly and easily.