Let’s head into the future together

Information for parents and teachers 

Information for parents and teachers

All over the world, our employees are shaping the future of factory and process automation. As a company, we are incredibly proud of this talent for innovation and go out of our way to promote it through our tradition of vocational training. Personal support for our trainees by experienced instructors is a fundamental part of this, as is our contact with you. By working together we can guide your children or students to a bright future, ensuring that they have freedom and a secure place to grow.

Vocational training content

During their vocational training young people will familiarise themselves with a wide range of different areas of the business. We put an emphasis on innovative vocational training concepts. What’s more, we also offer regular placements abroad in our global companies and branch offices. Our wide-ranging programme of additional training opportunities and seminars spanning several days means that trainees and DHBW/ASW students have the chance to gain further knowledge of topics such as teamwork, presentation techniques and communication. In addition, they have access to our internal training facilities at the Festo academy. They can also take part in online courses.

For further information please contact Mr Raisch on +49 (0)711 347 3003.

We open our virtual doors for Digital Career Day

We would like to invite you to our Digital Career Day.

Next event:

  • When? May, 2022 full day (with trainees and trainers from 16:00 - 20:00)
  • Where? virtual

Multi-stage application process

We have developed a three-stage selection process for choosing our trainees. We are less concerned with finding out which applicants look strongest on paper than with identifying those who are best suited to working with us.

  • Step 1: We analyse the application documents. The key criteria here are the following: integrity, expressiveness, good organisation, neatness and creativity.
  • Step 2: We use an aptitude test to match applicants’ abilities to our professional requirements.
  • Step 3: Suitable candidates will be invited to an individual and group interview so that we can find out whether they possess the key skills that we’re looking for (ability to work in a team, communication skills, problem solving skills, capacity for learning, self-control and independence). We will then give a contract to the most suitable candidate.

Applying for jobs is something new and exciting for young people. By offering practical application training in schools, which includes tips for application portfolios and handling the selection process, we make you, your students and your children ready to approach the application stage.

Parents’ evenings support learning processes

We work very closely with you, as the parents of our trainees. The closer we are in contact, the better we can ensure that your child receives comprehensive and high-quality support as they learn. As such, we hold regular parents’ evenings. On these occasions you can find out about important events and exchange ideas openly.

A mutually beneficial learning concept: teacher placements and off-site manual lessons

We see ourselves as a team: teachers, students and our company together. With this in mind, we are increasingly offering teacher placements and the opportunity to hold out-of-school manual classes at our training workshop. We are happy to give an insight into our innovative vocational training programme. After all, the earlier pupils make the connection between theory and practice, the better we can work together to prepare young people for the workplace.

Testimonial from a trainee teacher

‘As a trainee teacher at the J. F. Kennedy School in Esslingen I spent a month on a practical placement at Festo. I gained wide-ranging and valuable insights into the management of the vocational training centre while I was there. I came to know Festo as a highly innovative company in terms of its vocational training.

Those involved with Festo’s vocational training centre are constantly looking to the future. Through numerous discussions with the training instructors and trainees I gained an overview of what the company requires of its future employees, what trainees want from their work in the future, and what both parties expect from vocational colleges.’

Some thoughts about the BOGY career orientation assessment centre

Comments by the attending teachers, Jonas Rau and Miriam Schwarz from the DBG Sielmingen

‘As far as our students were concerned, the six-hour assessment centre was by far the best event ever to have been held as part of our careers orientation programme for gymnasium school pupils (BOGY). Many of those who took part have said as much. The feedback from the students underlines this impression, together with the fact that they couldn’t come up with any suggestions for improvement. We were even more struck by the fact that almost all of the students talked practically non-stop about the assessment centre for the whole hour-long journey back to Filderstadt, even though the half-term holiday was about to start! So we would sum it up as highly informative, enlightening and wonderfully well organised. Thank you so much again from all of us.’

Feedback from the students

‘It was informative and really insightful.’

‘I particularly liked the individual and group discussions.’

‘The talk about applications was very helpful.’

‘I especially liked it when we discussed rejected applications.’

‘It was very well organised.’

‘You really made us students feel at home.’