Innovation requires freedom

What makes us a unique employer 

What makes us a unique employer

Our employees are an integral part of our success story. And they’re writing their own at the same time. Working at Festo allows them to do just that. After all, innovation requires freedom. And security.


A sense of security

Nurturing your inventive talent means putting down roots; with a reassuring sense of security behind you, your mind is free to find the best solution. That’s why we have taken a responsible approach down the generations. As a financially independent family business, we have enjoyed continuous growth for almost 100 years, putting down important roots to provide a secure anchoring. These days, with the world moving a little faster every day, we hold our culture of appreciation, team spirit and a close sense of trust particularly dear. We believe that only inventive talents who feel at home can develop their full potential. That’s for certain.

We give you freedom

Inventive talent needs freedom. Only when ideas know no limits can they conquer the world. Come to us for continuous modernisation, our goal of technological and market leadership, curiosity and innovative strength. All across the world. That’s why we call ourselves a glocal player. We give our employees the freedom to act locally, but with a global impact. Meanwhile, you can stay curious, learn to make decisions for yourself and give your inventiveness free rein.

Security and freedom: two strong pillars that make us unique as an employer. It’s a combination enjoyed by around 20,100 employees all over the world as they use highly sophisticated automation technology to keep the world moving. And there’s space for inventive talent, not to mention the comfort that comes from having a secure and solid base. Welcome to our world of work: your solid base for lift-off.

We live diversity

Innovative talent has many different faces. And that's a good thing. That's why our working environment is characterized by mutual respect and appreciation, regardless of gender, nationality, disability, age, and identity. We live diversity because it promotes differences. And differences promote innovation. Our premise for celebrating diversity: equal opportunities. It is the firm foundation for all visible and invisible differences that make our working environment so colorful and valuable. Thanks to all employees who breathe life into this diversity. A quick look at the testimonials from our everyday working life confirms: we celebrate diversity. To foster innovative talent that knows no bounds.

An excellent employer

Festo is not only a successful company, but also an attractive employer across the globe. This is proven by regular employee surveys and good scores in external employer rankings.

Our latest accolades:

Our latest accolades