Inspiration for the future, plus lots of benefits

What students can expect from us 

What Festo offers students

We promote young talent. We inspire curiosity and want to pass on our valuable experience. Moreover, we appreciate fresh ideas that can inspire all of us. We therefore ensure that you can play an active role with us and that we will support you as best we can.

We offer you:

  • Individual support and training
  • An insight into a wide range of different areas of the business
  • Traineeships abroad
  • Fair and adequate compensation
  • Flexible and individually tailored models for working hours in order to allow study and practical experience to be combined
  • A variety of benefits and leisure opportunities
  • Regular get-togethers for trainees
  • Valuable contacts for your future career

The ‘Stay Inspired’ trainee retention programme

As a family-run business we know how important the younger generation is for the success of our company. We devised the ‘Stay Inspired’ trainee retention programme with this in mind, in order to ensure that our trainees – whatever their academic background – remain in contact beyond their studies, while also supporting them with specific measures.

Benefits for applicants

  • Participation in exclusive events
  • Invitation to product fairs, plant tours and internal events
  • Free participation in selected training sessions organised by Festo’s education fund
  • Early alerts about possible vacancies
  • Assistance in finding a traineeship abroad or starting a career with Festo
  • The chance to develop one’s own network of contacts within the company
  • Personal mentoring


  • A traineeship of at least six months or a similar period of work at Festo
  • Above-average performance and commitment while working at Festo
  • A high degree of personal accountability and motivation
  • Enrolment at a college or university

Are you interested in our trainee retention programme? If so, speak with your traineeship mentor. You could end up being selected and benefiting from a number of exclusive advantages in future. Stay Inspired!