Current information on the COVID-19 pandemic

Update from April 27th, 2020  


The pandemic caused by the corona virus COVID-19 continues to spread globally and leads to extensive restrictions on public life in more and more countries. Against this background, we would like to inform you about the current status at Festo.

As in previous weeks, our main focus is on our employees and customers. Festo has implemented an extensive number of measures to provide employees and customers with the best possible protection against infection caused by the corona virus. At the same time, we also want to continue to support our customers and maintain the supply of our customers in the best possible way.

We pay special attention to medical technology, the food industry but also other industries that are necessary for the supply of us all. Our products are used, for example, in the beverage industry as part of filling technology and by food manufacturers as part of packaging. In addition, they are used in switch-gears in the medical technology sector, in washing systems for hospitals and nursing homes as well as in the packaging technology of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our very special focus is on the production of components for ventilators. Festo works with around 40 manufacturers of ventilation equipment worldwide. Festo gives top priority to these projects.

As a system-relevant supplier, we make every effort to keep supply chains and our production stable on a global scale.

The current situation is as follows

  • We have taken extensive measures to ensure that the health of our employees is not endangered. The majority of our non-production-related employees work from their home offices. Hygiene measures have been implemented at all locations. These hygiene measures are continuously developed. Travel is prohibited and physical meetings have been reduced to a minimum.
  • All production sites are available. This includes the Festo production site in India. The challenge here is to organise transport out of India.
  • Festo is still able to ship goods worldwide.
  • Around the globe, all 62 Festo sales companies are in operation, although in many places we dispense with physical conventions and adhere strictly to official regulations.
  • Our site in China is again 100% functional. Production in China runs at high capacity. The other Asian factories have also resumed their work and are ensuring further stabilisation of the supply chains.
  • Our Global Production Center Jinan in China has now resumed 100% production and has created additional safety stocks of raw materials. The Regional Service Center Jinan has increased its finished goods inventory to ensure continuous supply to our customer base in Greater China.
  • In Europe and America, too, we are registering good capacity utilisation of production. Festo fulfils its supply mandate as a system-relevant supplier, particularly for the food, packaging, pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors.
  • We have been working actively with all our suppliers for many weeks to secure the supply chains. Here we are seeing a very positive trend, especially in Europe and China. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our suppliers for the very good cooperation.
  • We have defined preventive measures, including the expansion of our interim storage facilities and the implementation of alternative supply solutions to counter possible disruptions.
  • The situation is different in every part of the world and is developing very dynamically. The fact that the pandemic takes place with a time lag in the various regions means that our sites can support each other in global cooperation.
  • During the Easter holidays, all plants and logistics units will remain open, in multi-shift operation, to supply our customers with goods.

Being available to our customers at all times is an important concern for us. Our sales colleagues can be contacted at any time by telephone and via virtual meetings using web conferences. In addition, a comprehensive range of online tools and the Festo Online Shop are available to our customers.

We will continue to keep you informed about the development of our delivery capacity. Should there be any significant restrictions to our delivery time, our sales staff will inform you proactively.