Writing your thesis or dissertation at Festo

Write the first chapter of your career 

Writing your thesis or dissertation at Festo

A good thesis based on practice is the first step to a successful career. Whether you are doing a bachelor’s or master’s degree thesis, dissertation or PhD, Festo offers the ideal conditions for academic work with a practical focus. It is well worth the effort: we offer exciting work and dedicated employees who support you along the way. If your thesis is a success, you will also have the chance to go on working at Festo. We welcome your curiosity, fresh ideas and the first chapter of your career.


  • Ability to work independently and responsibly
  • A high level of commitment and the ability to grasp things quickly
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • A high capacity for teamwork
  • Relevant language skills are required in an international setting

Duration and key points

A thesis or dissertation project generally lasts between four and six months. Areas in which thesis or dissertation projects are often carried out include:

  • Research
  • Development and design
  • Testing
  • Product management
  • Sales
  • Information technology
  • Finance


  • Individual support and training
  • Fair compensation
  • The opportunity to learn about working processes in an industrial company
  • The chance to use Festo’s resources and organisational structures
  • Valuable contacts for your future career

Job Offers ( 8 )


Festo AG&Co. KG

Abschlussarbeit Development Machine Vision - published: 2018-01-17Abschlussarbeit Development Machine Vision2018-01-17Maschinenbau

Referencecode BE18-31198H
Germany / Esslingen / Baden-Wuerttemberg73734

Festo AG&Co. KG

Werkstudent/Masterarbeit: Semantic Information Modeling - published: 2017-10-26Werkstudent/Masterarbeit: Semantic Information Modeling2017-10-26Maschinenbau

Referencecode TD17-38625H1
Germany / Esslingen / Baden-Wuerttemberg73734

Festo AG&Co. KG

Masterarbeit Interactiondesign - published: 2017-10-19Masterarbeit Interactiondesign2017-10-19Maschinenbau

Referencecode TP17-25973H
Germany / Esslingen / Baden-Wuerttemberg73734

Festo AG&Co. KG

Abschlussarbeit - Entwicklung Embedded Software - published: 2016-11-29Abschlussarbeit - Entwicklung Embedded Software2016-11-29Maschinenbau

Referencecode CE17-38651H
Germany / Esslingen / Baden-Wuerttemberg73734


Festo AG&Co. KG

Masterarbeit: Projektvorgehensmodell Warengruppenmanagement - published: 2017-12-28Masterarbeit: Projektvorgehensmodell Warengruppenmanagement2017-12-28Maschinenbau

Referencecode P18-311825H
Germany / Esslingen / Baden-Wuerttemberg73734


Festo AG&Co. KG

Masterarbeit Reinigung von Nahrungsmittelmaschinen - published: 2017-11-10Masterarbeit Reinigung von Nahrungsmittelmaschinen2017-11-10Maschinenbau

Referencecode TR17-32318H1
Germany / Esslingen / Baden-Wuerttemberg73734

Festo AG&Co. KG

Masterarbeit Methodische Analyse von Produktionsanlagen - published: 2017-08-30Masterarbeit Methodische Analyse von Produktionsanlagen2017-08-30Maschinenbau

Referencecode TR17-33698aH
Germany / Esslingen / Baden-Wuerttemberg73734

Festo AG&Co. KG

Abschlussarbeit im Bereich Future Concepts/Prozessautomatisierung - published: 2016-06-03Abschlussarbeit im Bereich Future Concepts/Prozessautomatisierung2016-06-03Maschinenbau

Referencecode SP16-31197H
Germany / Denkendorf / Baden-Wuerttemberg73770