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Are you curious about what vocational training or a work experience placement at Festo might be like? And what it might lead to with us? We have a home for your curiosity. We’ve asked current and former trainees and apprentices about their experiences with us. This should help you get a better picture of how your future at Festo might look.

Sabrina Baumann: A multifaceted work experience placement as a cutting machine operator

Sabrina Baumann: Using school experiences as a springboard for training
Sabrina Baumann: Using school experiences as a springboard for training

When she was in year 10 at secondary school, Sabrina Baumann did a week-long work experience placement as a cutting machine operator at Festo. Today she is still pleased that she took this opportunity back then.

Preparing for a choice of career

When it came time to do some initial work experience in a company in the run-up to taking her final school-leaving exams, one of Sabrina’s acquaintances told her about Festo. To give her a better idea of her choice of occupation, Sabrina applied for a placement. Her decision paid off: ‘From the very first day, I liked the company, the employees and the way in which they treated once another with respect. Any worries that I might have had were immediately dispelled.’

During her induction, the traineeship team familiarised Sabrina with the company. This was followed by a practical introduction involving polishing, engraving and drilling metal plates. ‘It was great fun to watch the trainers at first and then be able to have a go at the work myself.’ The placement aimed to provide an ideal combination of theory and practice.

From school work experience placement to vocational training

‘The placement helped me to reach a decision about my future. Beforehand, I wasn’t sure whether I would be more suited to working in an office or doing something more manual.’ Commitment, effort and determination paid off: Sabrina got a traineeship place in the field of mechanics. ‘It couldn’t have gone any better.’

Ina Kächler: Excited about her vocational technical training as a mechatronics technician

Another side to Festo: Ina Kächler (far right) at a photo shoot for the employee magazine
Another side to Festo: Ina Kächler (far right) at a photo shoot for the employee magazine

Ina Kächler has completed her training as a mechatronics technician at Festo. Although most of her colleagues in this technical area are men, she has never felt herself to be at a disadvantage. On the contrary: she has never once regretted her decision.

As enthusiastic about technology as ever

Ina has always known what she wanted. Back in secondary school, she was the only girl in her technology lessons, but she was the one who could show all of the boys how a rocker switch worked. Her knowledge always met with a positive response. ‘It’s not about whether you’re a man or a woman. The only thing that matters is whether you share a love of technology.’

She heard about Festo from some of her acquaintances. ‘I was so keen on Festo that I couldn’t wait to get a taste of it.’ She decided to do a traineeship to give her an introduction to the company. ‘Technology, research and development utterly fascinated me, so I was quite certain that I wanted to take the first steps towards my career here. I was particularly keen on pneumatics.’ Since then, Ina has sat her final examination to become a mechatronics technician. Her passion for technology continues unabated, including in her current job in operations management and on-site service.

Getting experience abroad

One particularly valuable experience was a month-long stay in Budapest. ‘Being able to immerse myself in the working practices of people from another country and learning from my foreign colleagues was a brilliant experience.’ Technology brings people together, and this applies all over the world.

‘In this job, having an employer that supports young people in their education and further development is a massive advantage. Festo offers fantastic vocational training opportunities.’ From 3D construction design to assembly and research, this mechatronics technician has been able to experience all of the different areas of the company. She was most intrigued by construction for trade fairs. As part of her vocational training, she built control cabinets that can operate whole machines.

A careful choice of employer

When Ina thinks back to her first day as a trainee, she has to smile: ‘Everything was completely new. I’d come straight from school, and all I had to rely on was what I’d learned in technology lessons.’ But what started out as the biggest challenge of her life soon turned out to be a fulfilling challenge. As such, Ina has some advice for girls who are keen on technology: ‘If you see this as your passion, then pursue your goal and try to get an early insight into this field by doing a traineeship. Look for an employer who matches your requirements exactly and who, most importantly, provides you with opportunities for further development.

I now work in Technical Services Administration.’