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MS series

MS series

For standard applications and application-specific solutions

Optimum product range with the latest functionality

Modular connection system for rapid assembly and disassembly

4 sizes with very high flow rates and minimal dimensions.

D series, metal design

D series, metal design

Ideal for all standard applications

All basic functions for compressed air preparation

Sturdy connection technology


D series, polymer

D series, polymer

Reliable compressed air preparation for applications in non-critical environments

Freely combinable with the D series from Festo

One size with G1/8 or G1/4 connection.

Individual devices

Individual devices

For standard applications as an individual component

Precision pressure regulator.

Selection guide

Selection Guide

Compressed air regulators

MS seriesThe MS series provides the widest range of compressed air regulators. They are ideal for every application and offer a high flow rate performance with very good control characteristics and a low hysteresis. A return flow function and secondary exhaust are integrated as standard in the MS series. It is available in four sizes and can be selected with a mechanical pressure gauge, or with a pressure sensor with and without a display for monitoring via the system control.The regulators of the MS series can be integrated as modules in service units according to the simple modular system of the MS series.The blockable product versions with compressed air supply through-feed enable independent pressure ranges to be controlled simultaneously. They can also be configured for use in potentially explosive areas of zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 as well as with UL approval.
D series, metalThe D series provides the basic functions of compressed air regulators. These regulators also have good control characteristics with a low hysteresis and a high flow rate performance. They are available in four sizes for every standard application.The regulators of the D series can be integrated in service using with the tie rod connection system.The blockable product versions with compressed air supply through-feed enable independent pressure ranges to be controlled simultaneously.
D series, polymerThis a pressure regulator with polymer housing. It is characterised by a very low weight and is also ideal for every standard application. It is available in a size with a ¼" connecting thread.
Regulators, individual devicesThe precision pressure regulators of the LRP series guarantee a precise pressure setting. Fluctuations of the input pressure are almost entirely compensated by the LRP. In addition, they offer a good response to rapid changes of the input pressure and flow rate.They are available in two sizes for the most common standard applications.