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Compressed air couplings

Coupling sockets NPHSWith the safety couplings NPHS certified according to ISO 4414, you can decouple even pressurised systems in a completely safe manner. The NPHS is available in two variants: the polymer NPHS-D6-P-* and the high-performance metal NPHS-D6-M-*, which is a combination of hand slide valve and coupling. Both couplings also have IFA certification. In future, safety couplings will be the standard in coupling technology.
Quick coupling plug NPHSThe NPHS series also includes a quick coupling plug to match the safety coupling sockets. It is made of hardened steel to counter-act wear on the safety mechanism.
Coupling sockets KDThe proven quick coupling sockets KD are available in different sizes in order to meet a wide range of requirements. The KD4 series has been a standard on the market for years.
Quick coupling plug KSThe nickel-plated brass quick coupling plugs KS are also available to match the coupling sockets.
Multi-pin KSV, KDVF, multi-tube connector KMMulti-pins and the suitable accessories allow you to group several tubes and lines. A simple assignment simplifies installation and commissioning.