Business divisions: automation and technical education

Our business divisions

Automation and technical education

Festo is a worldwide leader in automation and a world market leader in technical training and education. By establishing a link between industry and education, we are helping our customers all over the world to increase their productivity every single day. Get to know our two business divisions better.


Around 30,000 catalogue products, customised components, ready-to-install solutions and the corresponding range of services make us a strong and reliable partner – in factory automation as well as for the process industry worldwide.

Factory automation

Automation business division: factory automation

For maximum productivity along the entire value chain

In the everyday factory environment, automation technology is used for joining, rotating, gripping, positioning, connecting, holding, testing and checking individual parts, modules or complete products. Our portfolio is designed to perform all of these tasks. We also support our customers along the entire value chain with suitable services and training.

In a wide range of industries

Our integrated range of services is used in the production and assembly areas of a wide range of industrial segments. Whether it’s the automotive and Tier 1 supplier industry, the electronics industry or the food processing and packaging industry, we know the specific needs of each sector and are aware of regional differences, enabling us to boost our customers’ competitive strength around the world.

Our main product groups

  • Electric, pneumatic and servo-pneumatic drives
  • Valves and valve terminals
  • Components for compressed air preparation and vacuum technology
  • Grippers and handling systems
  • Motors and controllers
  • Sensors and image processing systems
  • Control technology and software

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Process automation

Automation business division: Process Automation

For reliability during operation In all project phases

Whether it's for individual process steps or complete systems, we offer our customers in the process industry centralised and decentralised automation concepts for producing, transporting, handling and disposing of fluid media such as gases, fluids, paste-like materials or bulk solids with flow properties. We provide advice in all project phases, from engineering to operation.

For an extremely wide range of requirements

The industrial segments of process automation include water and wastewater technology, the biotech, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, food and beverage production and the chemical industry. We understand the different environmental conditions, hygiene regulations and standards of the individual segments and offer solutions for all application areas such as GMP, food or ATEX zones, environments with high and low temperatures or harsh and corrosive atmospheres.

Our main product groups

  • Control technology and remote I/O
  • Valve terminals and pilot valves
  • Sensors and positioners
  • Linear and quarter turn actuators
  • Process and media valves
  • Compressed air preparation and pneumatic connection technology

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Technical education

Festo Didactic is a world leader in technical education and development, whether with equipment for technical education centres or with training and consultation for industrial companies.

Learning systems and education concepts

Learning systems and concepts

Learning systems

As a driver and shaper of automation, our focus is always on people as well as technical solutions. The learning systems of Festo Didactic are used worldwide in schools and universities, industry-wide institutes and companies to train the specialists of tomorrow.

From the basics to a ready-to-use learning centre

Our portfolio covers all the equipment for efficient learning and guaranteed success in learning. From simple simulation software, customised training packages and the modular training factory to the fully equipped training centre – find out what we have to offer.

Learning systems for all areas of technology:

Overview of our learning systems

Technical education concepts

Education concepts

The conceptualisation, design and equipment of training rooms and laboratories are key aspects of the solutions provided by Festo Didactic. This includes the development of curricula and training programmes for professions, job roles and managed services.

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Training and consulting

Technical training business division: training and consulting

Our own experience means that we understand the industrial work environment and its challenges. Our trainers and coaches are also real professionals when it comes to learning, training and consulting. You benefit from this unique symbiosis of industry and education in our practical training and qualification programmes. Our goal is to strengthen the skills of people and the adaptability of organisations.

We offer various training formats on a range of topics:

  • Open seminars
  • Customised seminars
  • Skills programmes
  • Workshops/business games
  • Various consulting formats

The aim of our practical offer is being able to apply what has been learned directly in the everyday work environment. Our industry-focused learning systems use real components.

We provide training for topics that are essential in an industrial environment: technology, organisation and people. Topics relating to automation technology make up the core of the training content. We also offer support for the development of strategic skills in the area of digital transformation. Our portfolio is aimed at all job roles, from the shop floor to management level.

During consulting projects, we prepare you and your business for maximum value creation. Our consultants help you to evaluate and optimise your processes.