Start-up collaborations: industry expertise meets new ideas

Start-up collaborations

Industry expertise meets new ideas

As an innovation leader, we have our eyes on the future and are always on the hunt for good ideas. Partnerships and cooperation are an integral part of our corporate philosophy. That is why we support and sponsor start-ups and support them on their way to practical industrial applications. We have worked with several promising start-ups since 2014 and they benefit from Festo’s industry expertise.


Festo is a partner of the TechFounders accelerator programme

The TechFounders accelerator is a 20-week programme during which technology start-ups are brought together with strong partners from industry. With the help of various mentors and their networks, the start-ups prepare a business idea with the aim of implementing initial applications in the form of pilot projects. In addition to Festo, other companies including BMW, Bosch, Linde and Miele are also involved in the accelerator programme.

M.Tech Accelerator

Festo is a partner to M.Tech Accelerator – Engineering the Future of Mobility

M.Tech Accelerator is a key platform for technology start-ups in the south of Germany, providing new ideas for the development of the Stuttgart region as a centre of engineering and mobility. The programme is supported by the state capital Stuttgart, bwcon GmbH, TTI GmbH, wizemann space and the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation. After the application phase, 25 start-ups are accepted to the accelerator programme and are supported over a full 12-month period. M.Tech Accelerator supports individuals and start-up teams who are in the pre-founding or founding phase and have innovative products or business models from the fields of mobility, manufacturing and engineering.


Festo is a partner of the Peakzone innovation platform

Peakzone links up medium-sized companies with start-ups and aims to help them deal with the challenges of digital transformation in the industrial environment. The key task of the Munich-based accelerator programme is to bring businesses together with start-ups from the fields of robotics and the Internet of Things for an 18-week pilot project. Besides Festo, Wacker Chemie is one of the first partners to join the programme.

Our current collaborations


Soley start-up

The Munich-based start-up Soley specialises in innovative analysis solutions. The business model revolves around software for smart data analysis. This enables large volumes of data to be systematically analysed, for example as part of a product portfolio analysis, guaranteeing quick and reliable results. The four-person start-up team consists of mechanical engineers and software developers.

Pilot project at Festo

Festo is currently testing Soley’s smart data solution for product phase-out planning. Previously, bills of materials for products that were going to be phased out had to be manually combined, dependencies had to be identified and the impact on modules and individual components had to be worked out. This was then followed by the preparation of lists. Now, these steps are more efficient, as thanks to the use of tools the implications can be detected more quickly and all the dependencies as a whole can be taken into account. In the future, this will also make large projects more manageable. The project team is currently working on a planning tool that can simulate the impact of new products on component inventories and requirements at an early stage.

More about Soley


ProGlove start-up

ProGlove develops wearables for industry – computer technologies you can wear on your body. After winning Intel’s ‘Make it wearable’ challenge, the business was founded by engineers and innovation consultants in Munich in December 2014. The start-up’s first product is 'Mark' – an intelligent glove with integrated scanner that improves and simplifies production and logistics processes.

Pilot project at Festo

The 'Mark' glove is used in the logistics department at the Festo Scharnhausen Technology Plant. Tugger train drivers use the glove at the assembly workstations to scan the goods being picked up for dispatch, which is much quicker than using a handheld scanner. The work process is more ergonomic and gives the users more freedom to move.

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ProGlove start-up


aucobo start-up

The Stuttgart-based start-up aucobo has its sights set on simple networking of various interfaces, devices and machines. The two-person start-up team began working on this in early 2016. Their smart systems, such as a smartwatch, make it easy for information to be exchanged between employees and machines. This means that production workflows are networked very efficiently.

Pilot project at Festo

The mobile machine operation solution is already in use at the Scharnhausen Technology Plant. The production workers can use the smartwatch to make flexible adjustments, and changes in status or faults on machines are sent directly to the workers via the smartwatch. They can also use it to request support from other systems. The solution increases machine availability and reduces unnecessary movement of employees around the production facility.

More about aucobo

aucobo start-up


Holo-Light start-up

The Austrian software developer Holo-Light focuses on Industry 4.0 solutions with augmented reality devices such as the Microsoft HoloLens. Users of these devices can digitally enhance their real environment with additional information. Holo-Light develops intuitively operated mixed-reality software products for a wide range of industrial applications, such as smart glasses for use in production or at trade fairs. The start-up was founded in April 2015.

Pilot project at Festo

Festo is testing the HoloLens smart glasses for the first time as part of a pilot project at the Rohrbach plant. The technology supports workers with typical, repetitive processes, for example during training. Instead of working at the machine itself in the plant, the assembly process is projected in a training room via the smart glasses.

With the help of holographic images and verbal instructions, the operating sequences, including all of the necessary details, can be taught virtually, step by step. Workers can practise assembly processes, become familiar with products and receive important conduct and safety training via the smart glasses, without interrupting the flow of production. The HoloLens therefore helps to save time and costs and contributes to well-trained employees.

More about Holo-Light

Holo-Light start-up


inveox start-up

inveox is working to develop a fully automated pathology lab. The focus here is on standardising the preparation of human tissue samples for cancer diagnosis. The start-up is also looking at ways of improving efficiency in the lab, while at the same time guaranteeing error-free processes. inveox is developing an intelligent sample container for this purpose, as well as a system to automate tissue sample handling in the lab.

Pilot project at Festo

An automated system for pathology applications is being tested in a pilot project at Festo, which can be used to handle containers with tissue samples from patients. The consumable containers that are needed in the laboratory process are injection-moulded.

More about inveox

inveox start-up

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