Corporate responsibility at Festo, a family-owned company

Corporate responsibility

Responsibility is something that concerns us all

‘Acting responsibly for healthy growth across the generations.’ This is the motto on which we base our corporate responsibility. Because as a family-owned company, we think sustainably and act with a sense of responsibility.

Our corporate responsibility report

Festo corporate responsibility report

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Our areas of activity

Targeted commitment

Wherever we do business, we want to contribute to sustainable development. In order to create a specific focus for our actions, we have defined certain activities where we can make a contribution by helping to address major social challenges.

Areas of activity for our corporate responsibility

These six areas of activity reflect our commitment to education and knowledge, as well as technology and innovation, and are aimed at minimising negative effects on people and the environment, and maximising the positive impacts. We want to constantly improve and be at the forefront in these six areas of activity.

By doing so, we also have an influence on our own company – described here as the ‘Festo footprint’. But it is the effect on our customers that is paramount. After all, with our innovative products, solutions and services as well as qualification, training and consulting, we have a great opportunity to make a difference.

Our understanding

Our perception of sustainable development

The Festo Group is guided by its global mission statement of sustainable development. The mission statement sets out that development is only sustainable if it meets the needs of today’s generation without putting those of future generations at risk.

Values and mission

As a family-owned company, we are particularly aware of this long-term responsibility. Our consideration of current and future generations is what differentiates us. Our actions are determined by our values: we are ambitious, determined, visionary, we value each other and are dependable.

In accordance with our mission, we see ourselves ‘at the forefront of industrial automation’ and face up to global challenges. With Festo Didactic, we are a global leader in industrial basic and further training. In everything we do, we bear in mind the need to reconcile the interests of the environment, society and the economy.

Corporate responsibility (CR) and corporate educational responsibility (CER)

We refer to our contribution to sustainable development as corporate responsibility (CR). We are guided by the expectations that are placed on us, especially by our customers, employees and owners. We identify the key challenges for industrial automation and define appropriate areas of activity with clear targets.

We call the contribution that we make to education and knowledge corporate educational responsibility (CER). Education is the basis for a desirable future, wherever you are in the world. That is why Festo consistently invests in the sustainability of education systems.

Our motto in detail

‘Acting responsibly’ indicates that we want to grow as part of a planned and responsible strategy. This is supported by the values as a guiding principle for working together.

‘Healthy growth’ means staying financially ‘healthy’ as an independent, family-owned company, and it also means promoting and maintaining the health of our employees.

‘Across the generations’ expresses that, as a family-owned company, we will be here for generations to come. We look out for the next generation of customers and employees.

The Blue Competence initiative

We are a partner of the Blue Competence sustainability initiative. Blue Competence is an initiative of the VDMA to promote sustainability in the machine and systems building sector, and also to foster sustainable solutions throughout industry. Through our partnership, we are committed to complying with the 12 sustainable guiding principles for machine and system building.

The sustainable guiding principles of machine and system building (PDF)