2019 AMTS

2019 AMTS

High efficiency, flexibility, intelligent solutions

From July 3 to 6, Festo exhibited in the 15th Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show (AMTS) 2019. The theme of 2019 Festo booth is the application of digitalization in flexible manufacturing and the optimized solution for productivity improvement. The self-adaptive servo-pneumatic balancer YHBP provides a safe and high-performance drive solution that allows an operator to move heavy loads with ease. The clamping cylinder DFAP is widely used in the welding and clamping process. It has a smart and durable performance property which ensures reliable operation of customer production. Festo motion terminal CPX/VTEM achieves cylinder acceleration, positioning and flexible control by motion positioning APP to meet the flexible requirements of digititalized production in automotive industry.

Onsite Highlights

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Smaller size with better clamp force: DFAP

Different piston diameters 40/50/63 available, with horizontal or vertical mounting and a variety of clamp arms options. Reliable clamp arm, slide, barrel, and piston design improve the service life, robustness, impact resistance, and sealing performance.The power clamp cylinder DFAP is also equipped with the innovative pneumatic self-adjusting cushion PPS. The clamp arm angle can be adjusted in all directions, and the clamp force can be maintained while the air supply is closed. With sensors with magnetic-field immune design, it can be used in the welding applications.