2019 ProPak

2019 ProPak

How does automation technology facilitate intelligent packaging?

From June 19 to 21, Festo participated in the 2019 ProPak Exhibition in Shanghai. In the main process segments of the processing and packaging industry, such as labeling, boxing, palletizing, unpacking, shrink wrap packaging, film winding, etc., Festo demonstrates its latest digital products and solutions for flexible production. Multi-Carrier-System is based on users' individual production needs and flexible configuration of production line supply, providing efficient and flexible solutions for innovative enterprises, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of customers in the process of digital transformation and the packaging process through APP-controlled Festo digital control terminal VTEM with Intelligent Manufacturing and Industry 4.0's digital transformation mission. Festo's innovative packaging industry application has attracted the attention and interest of customers.

Onsite Highlights

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Multi-Carrier System MCS®

The new and innovative Multi-Carrier System MCS® makes your production lines extremely flexible. It is easy to integrate into existing intralogistics and makes extremely modular transport solutions for cost-effective production possible – from a batch size of 1 to mass production.

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