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The best insights into a company invariably come from those who know it well and have personal experience of it. We have around 21,200 employees worldwide, and we have asked some of them to describe what it's like to work at Festo. You can read more about the careers and activities of people who could soon be your colleagues on the following pages.

Gu Junxiang

A Post-90s Technical Talent's Story

“5 years, 10 years, 20 years... this company must have something special or mysterious that makes people want to stay for so long.” - When I recalled my first participation in the department meeting 3 years ago after joining Festo.

My major is Automotive Application Engineering, but I did not choose technical jobs such as quality monitoring in automakers and spare parts factories like most of my university classmates did. Instead, I chose an application engineer position with wider scope of communication and higher requirements on comprehensive skills.

At first, I was a newcomer and unfamiliar with the products. I tried my best to learn, but being too shy to ask for help. I read and look for information and focus just on the problem, without actively communicating with the customers or leaders.

My communication skill is what I believe to have made the most progress. As an application engineer, I need to know as much as possible about customer demands, filter effective information, and provide on-site solutions. In the meantime, voices of doubt inevitably rise. “As an application engineer, you need to be patient instead of playing tough, and you must communicate well on the spot.” This is one of my experiences.

Cui Peng

Growing fast together with Festo!

I graduated from university and officially joined Festo on June 1, 2011, after that, my position changed frequently during these years at Festo.

From Regional Sales Engineer, Key Account Manager, to LBC Manager in Beijing, and then to Strategic Sales Manager of Region North. This means that my responsibilities would change almost every other year.

I think myself a lucky person. Festo was a company with few changes before 2012, but ever since then Festo began to undergo unprecedented reforms in response to market changes. To be more accurate, instead of simply adapting to the market, Festo is like a new company that has just been established for six years. With the privilege of participating in such changes, I have been growing fast and achieving a lot.

Song JIa

People here are like trees, once rooted never left

When I recalled my first day at Festo on June 25, 2012, I noted that curiosity and perplexity were the major feelings that occupied my mind: How come people here are like trees, once rooted never left?

Festo has given the respect and trust to the employees, which magically generates a kind of incentive for us to work hard. The vibe creates very positive cycle. On one hand, employees gain experiences and grow through the variety of opportunities and trust what company offers. On the other hand, as one keeps making progress through the exposure to new tasks, the company is likely to be encouraged to bestow more room for individuals to play their potential.

As someone who has benefited from such a positive cycle, I growed up from a front-desk staff who inputs orders day by day to an executive who leads a team of 27 people.

What Festo has impressed and taught me is that you don't give orders for your people to follow. Instead, you spend little more time communicating with your people and let them understand the reasons behind every decision made. It appears to cost more, but the results, especially long-term ones, are more encouraging.


Your solid base for lift off

I joined Festo TEC through campus recruitment in Jul. Of 2015. As a fresh graduate I was anxious and full of expectation. My tutor gave me lots of guide and help both in profession and life.

With perfect training system and dilligent working practice, I grow up from an entry commer to experienced engineer, mastering products knowlege, professional skills and applicaiton tools. When I begin to be responsible for my first project, when I release first new product design, I feel tremendous achievement.

In 2017, with encouragement of company, I was honored to be promoted to leader of industry segment from design enigineer. With many years development, I made great progress no matter from profession knowledge, technical skill and team management.I grow up to a senior expert who could be guide to new colleague and to be the polar of company. Festo make me lift off.

In TEC I feel that Festo emphasize working experience and career development with caring and respect attitude to employees. This all makes me feel warm belonging. Festo is more like one warm family than a company. We tolerate old colleague while welcom new commers to join in us.


With passion and dream, sail in the ocean of automation

In 2013 with the mind “Cast all restraints and lead directions ”I participated in campus recruitment and joint Festo Jinan starting from an opportunity with innovation, challenge and passion.

Festo offers clear career development and promotion path, comfortable and harmonized working environment and culture of accountability which has been encouraging and motivating me.

Time flies, 6 years practices grow me up to Automation Supervisor from Mechatronics Engineer with commitment on Festo culture. I participate and witness the development of automation in Festo Jinan, from simple assembly fixture to automatic assembly line with Industry 4.0 concept, from traditional assembly to exploring on die-casting & machining, from single cylinder to massive robot application, which make me exciting and proud.

Now Festo is forging a new digital intelligent factory in Jinan, we believe and look forward to the prosperous future of Festo.