Our core product range is marked with a blue star.

Core product range for automation

Purchasing automation products can be so quick and easy - thanks to quality products from Festo. They are attractively priced and can handle virtually all standard tasks in pneumatic and electric automation. The products from our core product range are available from stock in 13 service centres around the world, and are ready for delivery from the factory in 24 hours. Just look for the blue star!

Core product range for regular tasks

Approximately 80% of all automation tasks are covered with our comprehensive core product range.

  • Festo quality at an attractive price
  • Available worldwide
  • Generally ready for delivery within 24 hours from the Festo factory (full star)
  • Pre-assembled and normally ready for delivery around the world in three to five days from the Festo factory (outline star)
  • Large quantities available (also for volume business)

Useful information about the Core Range:

Festo locations around the world

Products and services above and beyond the core product range:

In addition to our core product range, Festo also offers these products and services:

• Complete product range with products for more specific requirements

• Customer-specific solutions for highly individual requirements

• Service and training

We are happy to help you identify your needs and find the right solution.