Reduce costs with automation solutions

Your task is clear: in the face of tough competition, reducing production costs remains the top priority for manufacturing. To achieve this, you don’t only need the right components at the right price. Automation expertise and the industry-specific interaction of components is key. The knowledge and skills of your workers, along with the digitalisation of all processes, are also vital. Explore our range of specific automation solutions as well as our customised training and consulting programme.

Energy-efficient production

Energy is expensive, but there is amazing potential to reduce energy consumption in many systems. This can be achieved with the cleverly designed, energy-efficient components and solutions from Festo, as well as tailored training for your workers. This not only reduces your CO2 emissions in the long term, but also helps to reduce the cost pressure, too.
We can offer you, among other things, advice and tools for the energy-efficient design of electric or pneumatic actuator technology, energy-efficient products and solutions, customised training programmes for energy efficiency measures, as well as services related to leakage detection, compressed air preparation or compressed air quality.
Take a look at our topics pages and discover just what your savings potential could add up to!

Energy efficiency

Safety compliance

We work the same way you do: punctually and accurately, with experience and understanding. Reliability is also indispensable, along with knowledge, skill and quality. This applies everywhere at Festo, in every phase of our working relationship and our products.
What’s more, we are available around the clock. In over 250 subsidiaries in 176 countries across the entire world. This gives everyone a safe feeling.
In addition, we have a good understanding of the safety-related needs of your industry and the location-specific requirements. This means we can provide you with the exact safety solutions that fit your needs. And of course quality goes without saying. Quality not just in terms of our tested standard products, but also of our service, logistics and training offer.

Product safety at Festo

Our automation solutions in practice