Automation software

Automation software

Anyone who wants to successfully design basic and further training for automation technology must ensure that everything fits together: hardware, software and teachware. In the age of digitalisation, basic and further training without software is unthinkable. We offer a wide range of software for learning, teaching and organising, for controlling, operating and monitoring and, last but not least, for programming and simulation. See for yourself.

Project and design engineering

For over 25 years, the name EPLANhas been synonymous with innovative software solutions and service concepts for all aspects of electrical and fluid project planning, design and engineering.


Measurement, control and instrumentation

Closed-loop control technology, multivariable control, process technology, measurement data acquisition, visualisation and storage as well as the recording, representation and documentation of analogue measured values in pneumatic and hydraulic systems – choose the most suitable FluidLab®package for you.

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STEP 7Software for programming and simulating PLC programs for Siemens S7-1500/1200/300/400 controllers.

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LOGO! Soft Comfortis a programming software for Siemens LOGO control

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– CODESYSis the programming software for Festo controllers.

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SIMATIC WinCCis a PC-based control and monitoring system designed for the visualisation and control of processes, production sequences, machines and procedures.

EasyVEEPis the new, free graphical 2D process simulation with numerous attractive examples for PLC training.

EasyPort USBis the appropriate interface for measurement, control and instrumentation. It connects the simulation to the real world.

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Manufacturing execution system MES4

MES4is a specially prepared manufacturing execution system (MES) with a new design for Industry 4.0 learning platforms. MES4 is supplied as part of learning systems and cannot be ordered individually.

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Economy 4.0: SAP4School

In cooperation with SAP, we offer an interface for the training program ‘SAP4School’ under the general heading of Economics 4.0. With this interface, production work orders can be transferred back and forth between SAP and MES4. Membership of the SAP4School program is a prerequisite for being able to acquire and use the interface.

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In the SAP4School programme, complete business processes are taught over the course of a school year using the example of a virtual company, Global Bike International. By using the interface, the CP Factory is integrated into this training course as a production plant for ‘bicycle computers’.

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Networking and data security

The NetLab Tool Kit is aprogram for PC configuration and diagnostics with limited administration rights (Ethernet interfaces, X.509 certificates, Ping, ARP cache). It is part of the NetLab packages and therefore not available separately.

Wiresharkis a program for analysing and preparing data protocols.
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The Siemens Primary Setup Toolis a program for assigning IP addresses to industrial controllers and network components.
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Energy monitoring and management

EiSLab® Energy Intelligence software multiple licence
EiSLab is an energy management and simulation tool that makes students aware of the challenges of the smart grid.

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