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Medium- and low-temperature cooling

Learn how to cool

The growing demand for cooling systems means there is also a growing need for qualified technicians with sound knowledge of the relevant systems and controllers. In the face of rapid climate changes, it is clear that refrigeration technicians will have plenty of work to do in the future.

Training solutions for a learning journey

We have developed a range of modular training solutions for refrigeration technology, from training models to complete systems. These can be used to teach basic vocational skills for a variety of learning needs.

The training solutions are ideal for educational institutions such as vocational colleges and universities, but also for training workshops at industrial companies.

All the systems can be used straightaway and contain parts from the residential, industrial or commercial sector. Comprehensive teachware offers a balanced mixture of theory and practice

First things first: a training model that trainers can use to introduce students to the basic principles.

Refrigeration technology system training model

Training model refrigeration technology

Trainers can use this integrated learning system to teach the theory and carry out practical experiments for the basic principles and important components of typical refrigeration systems and heat pumps.

It illustrates how the different cooling stages work in the cycles of the most common refrigeration system configurations.

Students can deepen their knowledge with the help of the following two learning systems:

compact-learning system-refrigeration technology

Compact learning system for refrigeration technology

This learning system is designed to teach the fundamentals of refrigeration technology. It features a powerful data acquisition system with tools that allow students to easily monitor operating conditions in real time. They collect important system data that enables simple troubleshooting and performance analyses.

Learning system refrigeration technology

Learning system refrigeration technology

This comprehensive system teaches students the basic principles and components of a refrigeration system. It demonstrates how the most common system configurations work, including dual evaporator systems.

Finally, the students can also improve their manual skills: