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Training machine transport experts

Every machine that needs to be moved in industry is different because machines are usually built for special applications. Rigging technicians are experts in the safe and efficient lifting and transporting of large, heavy and often unevenly distributed loads past obstacles – a fundamental task in factories and industry in general.

Practical, task-based activities

In courses, training or certification programmes for rigging, widely used methods and tools for rigging a wide variety of objects, shapes and weights as well as safety practices for the protection of property and people must be taught. This is where our learning systems come in.

Selected learning solutions:

Rigging-Learning system-Gantry crane

Learning systems for rigging

  • The basics of rigging are taught so that students learn about procedures and develop job-related skills.
  • Fixed or height-adjustable gantry cranes are popular lifting and transporting devices in industry, which are designed according to OSHA and CMAA standards.