Process automation-learning systems

Introduction and basic principles

A practical, project-based concept for industrial processes

Process automation is a broad and complex field requiring different levels of skill and knowledge. The learning material as well as the methods, procedures and technologies for process measurement and control seems unlimited. However, with small models that convey the basic principles, the complexity for students can be reduced intelligently and successfully.

Start with the basics

That is why we have developed a series of entry-level learning systems that teach students the basic principles of control and process technology, from beginners in STEM projects to technical colleges.

The training devices are designed to meet the requirements for young process engineers or operators, control engineers and chemical or electrical engineering/electronic technicians and engineers.

Most learning systems are based on the modular production system with the associatedplatform (MPS ®), which is specially tailored to process automation and can be expanded to cover factory automation. The knowledge that is gained with these systems is relevant in a wide range of industries.

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Introduction to process technology and control:

Process automation-EduKit-Learning

EduKit PA

EduKit PA is a mobile, practical option for newcomers to process automation. The kit is ideal for small budgets and limited space and as an introduction to measurement and closed-loop control technology.

The combination of technology, software and courseware is suitable for vocational training as well as for general technical training. The learning concept promotes learning based on experiments, which is especially important for integrated STEM learning.

Take a look at the two EduKit PA versions.

Teach the basic principles of process automation:

Process automation MPS-PA-Compact workstation

MPS ®PA compact workstation

The MPS ®PA compact workstation with multiple control loops offers maximum diversity in training for industry.

This compact solution combines industrial measurement technology, closed- and open-loop control for four basic variables (level, flow rate, pressure and temperature) with learning scenarios for automation (sensors, PLC, operation and control) on the basis of continuous processes.

More about the MPS® PA compact workstation and control variants

Expanded to cover specific applications in process automation:

Process automation MPS-PA stations

MPS®PA stations

MPS ®PA stations represent the most important continuous, closed processes in industry. There are four stations: Filtration, Mischen, Reaktorand Filling. Their control loops provide the content for designing challenging training courses in measurement and closed-loop control technology. Thanks to the open interface, the stations can also be combined to form a small learning factory for process technology.

The MPS ®PA 204 complete systemcombines all four MPS ®PA stations into a system that offers everything you need for a successful start in measurement and closed-loop control technology. Thanks to its modular concept and accessible, practical process technology, the system makes successful project work possible. Project ideas can be implemented in no time at all and without any risk.

More about the MPS® PA 204 complete system

You can also learn the basic principles with a medium-sized, industry-grade system:

Learning systems for process control

Learning systems for process control

The learning systems for process control are an affordable and relatively compact training program that integrates realistic industrial components, software and protocols.

The circuits simulate industry-specific process control applications in order to familiarise students with the basic principles of closed-loop control technology. It covers the control processes for pressure, flow rate, level, temperature and pH value, as well as advanced processes such as feedforward control, second-order control and cascade control.

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An Control workstation with PLC, recorders and transmitters, is also available.