Pneumatic connection technology

Pneumatic connection technology

Our range of pneumatic connection technology includes various connecting components such as fittings, couplings and distributors as well as the matching tubing and piping. Using suitable connectors, pneumatic components in industrial automation can easily be connected to the overall system. In addition, other components and accessories for pneumatic solutions, such as seals or protective tubing systems, are available to suit your needs.

Pneumatic connection technology from Festo

Pneumatic tubing

The product range from Festo has an impressive variety of system solutions. It is continuously further developed and, above all, coordinated to form application-specific tube/fitting combinations. Our range of tubing covers every conceivable task. Whether it's for standard requirements or extreme conditions, such as heat, welding spatter, high pH values and resistance to hydrolysis, you can find a suitable tubing/fitting combination for every industry.

Pneumatic tubing

Pneumatic fittings

Pneumatic fittings, also called compressed air connectors, are important components in pneumatic connection technology. You will find that the Festo range of fittings, whether push-in, barbed, threaded or click fittings, extends from purely plastic ones to stainless steel fittings for maximum corrosion and chemical resistance.

Pneumatic fittings

Compressed air piping

Thanks to their smooth inner walls and rigidity, compressed air pipes offer optimum flow conditions and are an alternative to pneumatic tubing. You have the choice between pipes made of aluminium, plastic pipes made of high-quality polyamide and plastic-coated metal tubes made of polyethylene and aluminium.

Pneumatic piping systems

Push-in fittings for piping PQ

Thanks to the simple principle of "cut – push in – done", push-in fittings are quick and easy to install and equally quick and easy to connect and disconnect, even multiple times.

Pneumatic piping fittings

Compressed air couplings

Pneumatic couplings are self-sealing connecting components which always consist of a socket and plug combination. Quick couplings and safety couplings from Festo allow you to quickly and conveniently supply pneumatic systems with compressed air. Different sizes can be used for different applications. Couplings are traditionally used for pneumatic tools, hall installations and laboratory equipment.

Pneumatic couplings

Compressed air distributors

Compressed air distributors are the ideal choice whenever you need to distribute your compressed air to different systems. You can use different types in order to direct the compressed air from one access point to several outputs at the required location. There is a choice of distributor blocks, rotary distributors and multiple distributors in a variety of materials, such as aluminium, brass/steel and PBT/nickel-plated brass.

Pneumatic multi connectors

Protective conduit systems

Our protective conduit systems for pneumatic tubing consist of protective conduits and tube fittings. Protective conduits are flexible tubes made of metal or plastic used to protect pneumatic tubing and electrical cables on machines and installations. It is recommended that suitable fittings be used to ensure optimum use of the protective conduits.

Pneumatic conduits

Accessories for pneumatic connection technology

Our comprehensive range of accessories for pneumatic connection technology includes union nuts (quick connectors, sealing caps, distributor pieces, multiple distributors, ring pieces and hollow bolts), tools such as connecting and disconnecting pliers or tubing and pipe cutters, as well as various sealing rings. Hose clips, tubing straps and tubing supports complete our range of our accessories.

Accessories for pneumatic connection technology