Cleaning in place for the pharmaceutical industry

Wherever work involves using active ingredients, cleanliness is of the highest priority; production equipment has to be thoroughly cleaned every time it is used. And of course this makes the system prone to wear. Unless you use corrosion-resistant, stainless steel components from Festo. They are more resistant. For example in cleaning systems from ROTAN for the pharmaceutical industry.

ROTAN GmbH was founded in 1987 in Dannstadt near Ludwigshafen, Germany. They now have two additional branch offices in Leuna and Rostock. More than 200 employees develop complete solutions for tank refurbishment, pipe system and plant construction, for instrumentation and control engineering, as well as cleaning technology for customers from many industry segments worldwide.

ROTAN‘s water-based cleaning systems are matched precisely to the requirements of the goods to be cleaned and the necessary degree of cleanliness. ROTAN manufactures GMP/FDA-compliant cleaning systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries. They have to meet demanding requirements for sterility. ROTAN also develops systems for cleaning barrels and containers which come into contact with toxic and highly potent active ingredients. These systems work with a four-step process:

1. Feeding in the stainless steel vessels
2. Opening the vessel lids from a personal safety cabin
3. Cleaning the vessels internally and externally
4. Removing the vessels via a buffer area

Sturdy, corrosion-resistant components

Every time the vessels are cleaned, the personal safety cabin and the cleaning chamber must be cleaned and decontaminated too. During normal operation this is done once an hour with water, acid and lye, and under certain circumstances with customer-specific cleaning agents as well.

In these type of cases it is extremely important that the automation components used are sturdy and reliable; every failure or machine stoppage during the cleaning process results in complex, time-consuming intervention. Service personnel therefore have to wear special personal safety equipment because they are at high risk of contamination.

The image gallery provides you with an overview of ROTAN’s cleaning system:

Automation with rust-free stainless steel

Festo supplied the sturdiest possible components for each of the process steps in this cleaning system, from the stainless steel ISO cylinder CRHD to the service units for air preparation:

  • Components for sealing the locks: inflatable seals with stainless steel nozzle and PLN tubing on the airlock door.
  • Components for testing the rubber gloves for leaks, with pressurisation and monitoring via a valve terminal and pressure sensor.
  • Pneumatic cylinder for precisely opening and closing the locks, made of stainless steel for inside the cleaning chamber, and of aluminium for the outer door.
  • Stainless steel pneumatic cylinder for locking the vessel frame, and for moving the washing lances inside the cleaning chamber.
  • Corrosion-resistant one-way flow control valve for controlling the pneumatic cylinder speed.
  • Corrosion-resistant pneumatic tubing and stainless steel fittings for distributing compressed air in the isolator and in the cleaning chamber.
  • Components for preparing, supplying and controlling compressed air: valve terminal and individual valves for actuating the pneumatic cylinders and pneumatically operated process valves in the system.

Operational reliability and long service life

Sturdiness and corrosion resistance are deal-breaking criteria for all components in cleaning systems that have to ensure smooth operation under aggressive conditions. This applies to all industrial systems, not only to those in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and biotechnology sectors.

With Festo you have access to a very diverse portfolio of high quality stainless steel components which have proven their worth. In addition, we support you in selecting the right products: with intelligent engineering tools for configurations that match the application, as well as, of course, personal consultation. Festo’s CAD database simplifies system planning for design engineers as well. ROTAN has quickly and simply created good system availability and operational reliability.

Quick and simple means a streamlined supply chain. At Festo you get all your components from a single source, worldwide and with short lead times, including spare parts.

The image gallery provides you with an overview of our failsafe automation solutions:

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