Laboratory automation

Modular solutions for every task

From identifying and checking the sample carriers to opening and closing sample vials and dispensing liquids in microwell plates, with Festo you can implement customised applications for sample preparation in the smallest of spaces.

Solutions that can handle any process

We help you expand your toolbox of laboratory automation solutions with an extensive catalogue of perfectly coordinated components for sample handling and liquid control. Our engineering team works to your specific standards and delivers high-quality, precise results.

Do you have the technical range and technology to offer the increasing throughputs and accelerating development cycles your customers demand? The speed of business just keeps getting faster and customer expectations are at levels never seen before. We offer a large selection of industry-standard components that have proven themselves in laboratories. We also have the design and engineering capacities to deliver customised automation solutions that are tailored to your customers’ needs. We work with you to create intelligent, tested subsystems with perfectly coordinated components. The result: faster time to market.

The modular system solutions work quickly, precisely, consistently and efficiently, while the results of the automated processes are always reproducible and verifiable. The degree of automation can be flexibly adapted to your individual requirements,

and thus everything from single process steps to linking complex individual processes can be automated. We can provide you with everything you need from a single source, from conceptualisation and joint development to supplying the subsystems.

Gripping, opening and dispensing

The extremely compact rotary gripper module EHMD is ideal for applications in laboratory automation such as opening and closing a wide variety of small sample vials. In combination with a gripper and handling system, it becomes a ready-to-install complete solution.

Pressure and vacuum generator PGVA

The decentralised pressure and vacuum generator PGVA only requires a 24 V power supply to provide compressed air for your pressure or vacuum-assisted solution.

  • Integrated compressor
  • Flexible use
  • Easy to integrate
  • Easy to operate and configure

Find out more about the pressure and vacuum generator here (PDF)

Positioning, identifying and evaluating in laboratory technology applications

The sensor reads the barcode and checks the quality of the sample by comparing specific characteristics such as fill quantity and blood quality.

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Automating laboratory processes – solutions for all aspects of sample analysis
Transporting samples, identifying and qualifying, pipetting and dispensing fluids or equipping centrifuges, with customised automation concepts from Festo you can significantly boost your productivity and safety in each step of the analysis process.
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Liquid handling – modular dosing system with dispense head VTOE
Dosing with one to eight dispense heads, different liquids and fill quantities – the modular dosing system VTOE is compact, precise and highly flexible.
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