Round cylinder, double-acting DSNU

Very durable cylinder based on ISO 6432 with self-adjusting end-position cushioning and extensive accessories.
  • Wide range of variants for customised applications
  • Good running performance and long service life
  • Self-adjusting pneumatic end-position cushioning saves time during commissioning and adapts optimally to load and speed changes
  • Piston rod with female or male thread
  • For position sensing
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Perfect for problem areas!

The round cylinders DSNU is always a solid choice when it comes to performance and compact dimensions. Its universal variants make it ideal in applications where, for example, low friction, corrosion or chemical resistance are required.

Suitable for all-round use: DSNU as an ISO standards-based version
Equipped for all eventualities, for example with the swivel bearing on the end cap. Perfect for a range of applications. And suitable for all-round use thanks to the large number of variants in the modular system.

Easy commissioning
Thanks to PPS cushioning. Perfect cushioning every time, without the need for adjustment. Simple, fast, space-saving and tamper-proof. The stand-out feature of the proximity sensor SDBT-MSX is its auto teach-in for extremely easy commissioning, even in very confined spaces.

Long service life
The materials used and the precision manufacturing make the DSNU variants durable and robust. Since identical parts are used in both variants, the price remains attractive