Pneumatic couplings

Compressed air couplings

Quick couplings and safety couplings from Festo allow you to quickly and conveniently supply pneumatic systems with compressed air. Different sizes can be used for different applications. Couplings are traditionally used for pneumatic tools, hall installations and laboratory equipment.

Quick release couplings

A quick disconnect coupling is a pneumatic coupling used to attach hoses to compressed air consumers, while two or more hoses can be connected using coupling plugs or multiple-pitch couplings. When deciding for or against the use of the different types and their variants, two factors play a decisive role: Available space for:

• Fixing and securing screw connections

• Connecting and disconnecting hoses

And especially in larger systems where large numbers of connectors need to be installed: Installation time for attaching and removing all connectors to components during installation, and in case maintenance is required.

There are three commonly used compressed air coupling types:

The simple coupling connector

This is the simplest type of connection - the hose is simply pushed into place over the nipple and the connection is complete. This method requires hoses with a certain inner diameter. The offset at the end of the barbed compressed air connector creates a kind of hook, which prevents the pipe from being pulled or slipping off the connector. There is no sealing ring or other accessories. This coupling exist as a straight push-in coupling, with female or male thread, t piece, or other forms for three hoses, for example.

Of course, an advantage is that no additional parts are required for this compressed air coupling for the connection, which have to be screwed or otherwise mounted in place or attached with glue. This simplifies handling and ensures inexpensive air hose coupling. The downside is that quite a bit of force is required to loosen the pneumatic couplings, making maintenance difficult. In addition, the air hose can tear through the nipple of the plug fitting if there is a large pushing force at an angle.

The pneumatic couplings (plug) with union nut

In principle, this is also a push-in fitting, except that the air hose coupling is additionally secured with a threaded swivel. Installation of the component is considerably more time-consuming in this case, but this type of connection tolerates considerable short-term overpressure without the pipe being disconnected. If this guarantee is important, the higher price and more time-consuming installation are acceptable.

The coupling plug with safety shut-off and venting

To connect components to the compressed air system and simultaneously stop the compressed air when disconnecting without using a ball valve or valve, this variant can be used. Here, the plug side can be vented, without loosening the quick connectors so most suitable for depressurising a component or several components for a short time. Moving the slide additionally in the direction of the plug opens the quick coupling, and this connection is opened safely and pressure-free. This pneumatic coupling exists in metal and plastic version and its operation and handling can be viewed in the technical documentation.

The multiple-pitch coupling and multiple connections

Connecting two hoses in a straight line is easy with a plug-in straight coupling. But straight coupling can also be used with a multiple plug with variants for 12, 16 or 22 connections. For use in the control box, there are multiple plug-in couplings that have up to 22 compressed air connections.

Air hose coupling types

The range of fittings is very large, and there is a solution to pneumatic coupling for all applications. The couplings, push-in couplings and multiple couplings are described here. Push-in couplings, couplings with integrated pressure gauge, fittings (push-in or threaded), quick couplings or products to connect pneumatic systems with air hose are available in our wide range. A quick coupling, push-in coupling, hose or connections for any application is available in our range and can be found in our catalogue under screw fittings or manifolds.

Contact us for any questions about pneumatic couplings. If you would like to find more information about our pneumatic coupling types and prices, easily, go to our catalogue page and find out about our quick coupling pneumatic range.