System from Maschinenbauunternehmen Karb Maschinenbau GmbH

Simply filled

Automation technology for food production

Nowadays, numerous operations in industrial food production are already automated. Yet filling antipasti is still done manually, which is both time-consuming and cost-intensive. Now, a specially developed system from the mechanical engineering company Karb Maschinenbau GmbH, the antipasti multi-filler, is accelerating this process. The system automatically fills peppers, tomatoes and chillies with automation components from Festo.

Erhard Karb, Managing Director of Karb Maschinenbau

"It was important for us to have a partner like Festo to guide us through the entire process of developing a new machine."

Erhard Karb, Managing Director of Karb Maschinenbau

Simply future-proof.

The antipasti multi-filler from Karb Maschinenbau can fill 20 peppers in one go and up to 14,500 antipasti per hour.

Antipasti multi-filler from Karb Maschinenbau GmbH