Reduced setup times with the integrated automation solution from Festo for loading and unloading workpieces as well as the tool changer

Breaking ranks

Highly flexible milling-turning centres

Machining small batches requires a high degree of flexibility. However, short setup times are also a prerequisite for cost-effective production. STAMA Maschinenbau GmbH believed that its milling-turning centres had the potential to achieve just that. These highly flexible machining systems process all six sides of a workpiece in just one work cycle. Integrated and ready-to-install solutions from Festo take care of tool changes in the additional magazine as well as loading and unloading the workpieces.

"The integrated automation solution with the loader, unloader and tool changer from Festo helps to achieve a space-saving machine layout."

Gerhard Schweicker, Sales Team Leader

Tool changer reduces setup times:

The dual gripper/rotary unit consists of axes EGC, the pneumatic semi-rotary drive DRRD and the heavy-duty tool gripper HGPT.