Deburred in no time at all

The quarter turn actuator DFPD delivers a smooth performance under any conditions. The design of the rotary indexing centre AT150-14 as a closed-loop system was the result of cooperation between Pfiffner and StramaMPS. Three water tanks are needed to supply the deburring process with high pressure. The processes for filling and equalising the liquid in the system are controlled by the quarter turn actuators DFPD from the Festo Core Range.

"Thanks to the adaptability of the DFPD to the current pressure situation, we were able to perfectly match it to the internal conditions."

Florian Fuchs, Maintenance Operating Materials

Unconditional performance: DFPD

  • Compact and sturdy
  • Single-acting/double-acting
  • Suitable for high and low temperatures
  • 13 sizes in the Core Range
  • ATEX-compliant

External and internal influences

The DFPD is brilliant at managing any fluctuations in the temperature and the flow rate of the medium.