Sensor Cylinder

Cylinder sensors for limited installation space

Cylinder sensors are mainly used for determining the position of a piston rod or gripper. The measured value is fed back to the control system and used here for sequence control, monitoring or surveillance.

Depending on the application, various sensors are available. For example, sensors tailored to extreme environments. These are locations where it is dusty or wet, extreme temperatures prevail or where there is a risk of explosion.

Sometimes, however, cylinder sensors also have to meet other requirements. For example, when the installation space is limited. For these applications, the engineer faces a challenge: the sensor is needed, but where and how do I place it?

SMT-8G/10G - angled mounting

One of the solutions available on the market is the SMT-8G/10G sensor. This version is suitable for grippers or short stroke cylinders with T- or C-slot and saves space due to its angled mounting. If the grippers are slightly larger, in many cases it is even possible to place two sensors in one slot. This also ensures that all electrical connections are positioned in the same plane, which is an advantage during connection.

Another special feature of this type of sensor is the LEDs that are fitted on two sides. This means that the status of the sensor can always be read from two sides, regardless of the most space-saving installation.

Despite the compact dimensions, the measuring range of these sensors is just as large as that of other common sensors.

SDAS-MHS - dual functionality

Saving space is also possible by combining the functionality of two cylinder sensors into one sensor. This is exactly what happens with the SDAS-MHS.

This variant provides the possibility of setting two switching points. If these switching points are both within the range of the sensor, this makes the installation of a second sensor superfluous. A 'teach' button on the side makes it easy to learn the switching points. Besides the fact that these sensors are suitable for a limited installation space, they also save on installation time and wiring.

The SDAS-MHS is a cylinder sensor for grippers or short stroke cylinders with T-slot.

SDBT-MSX - large sensing range

Finally, space-saving solutions can be achieved with sensors that have a large detection range. After all, the larger the detection range, the greater the possibilities for space-saving installation.

An example of such a sensor is the SDBT-MSX sensor. This version has a detection range of 20 mm and can therefore be mounted on short stroke cylinders in such a way that the sensor itself does not protrude and become mechanically vulnerable.

You can always contact Festo for advice and tips. We have the knowledge but also the experience with a large number of applications for which smart, space-saving solutions have been designed.

July 2022