Motion Apps for maximum flexibility

A wide range of products, functions and complete solution packages for pneumatic motion, pressure and flow rate control are integrated in the Festo Motion Terminal. A single valve technology, a high-performance controller and smart apps are combined to provide you with maximum flexibility and increase your productivity. The licence model for the apps can be found below after the app descriptions.

Virtually unlimited function integration

Apps are the key to a wide range of options for valve terminals. This approach will:

  • Reduce the complexity of your systems
  • Speed up your engineering processes
  • Minimise your set-up times
  • Cut your time to market.

Flow control

Digitally regulate the flow rate of compressed air and gases up to 600 l/min – for several independent channels at the same time. For precise metering, simply combine the integrated sensors with external flow sensors. This saves energy and costly gases.

Directional control valve functions

Maximum flexibility for special-purpose machines or mass-produced systems. You can modify the standard directional control valve function as often as necessary, for example from 4/2 to 4/3 or 3/2, even during operation. This enables you to respond to a large number of requirements at the touch of a button.

Proportional directional control valve

You can now use proportional control for all directional control valve functions for the first time, using your selected degree of opening between 0 and 100%. For smooth start-up, for example, you can even set how long the process should take.

Proportional pressure regulation

Control pressure and vacuum digitally – simultaneously and individually on up to 16 independent channels. With one VTEM you can thus replace 16 pressure regulators and make great savings on hardware and space. At the same time, you can also significantly minimise pipe routing and wiring effort and reduce potential sources of errors.

Model-based proportional pressure regulation

Digitally regulate the flow rate of compressed air and gases up to 600 l/min – for several independent channels at the same time. For precise metering, simply combine the integrated sensors with external flow sensors. This saves energy and costly gases.

Supply and exhaust air flow control

Would you like to avoid time-consuming manual adjustments and do away with separate one-way flow control valves?

The supply and exhaust air flow control function allows you to conveniently and quickly adjust the speed at the touch of a button, with no risk of unauthorised manipulation. This allows you to program variable motion sequences with different flow control valve settings.

ECO drive

Load-dependent energy consumption

The "ECO drive" app can now be used to automatically reduce pneumatic energy consumption to the level actually required for a movement. This keeps energy consumption to the bare minimum for simple motion tasks that do not require any additional force in the end position. Look at this example of a slide device for a wooden block to see how this works.

Standard operation

A standard valve supplies a pressure of 6 bar to the compressed air network. At the end of the movement, the full supply pressure of 6 bar is built up in the drive chamber irrespective of the moving load – as seen at the bottom of the animation.

ECO drive with the Festo Motion Terminal: for energy savings of up to 70%

The compressed air network supplies the Festo Motion Terminal with 6 bar. Depending on the movement phase and load, the actual pressure in the drive is reduced to the pressure level required for the motion via throttled pressurisation. This can be seen at the top of the animation.

  • During the movement phase: load-dependent pressure thanks to throttled pressurisation without a one-way flow control valve
  • At the end of the movement: the compressed air supply is switched off. The drive is operated at the minimum pressure required for the load, e.g. 4 bar. Unlike in standard operation, the pressure is not increased to the level of the supply pressure (6 bar).
  • Return stroke with no load: An even lower pressure level is set here – the consumption adjusts to the load again independently.

Presetting of travel time

Boost your productivity by significantly reducing your cycle times. Targeted control of pressure and exhaust air increases the performance of your drive. At the same time, you also achieve maximum stability in operation. By continuously comparing the setpoint and actual default values, the system parameters are constantly adjusted. The system automatically adjusts the values in the case of influences such as increased friction or wear. Commissioning is quick, easy and intuitive, without the need to adjust settings.

Selectable pressure level

You save energy by setting the pressure and speed individually for each product. You can even vary this within a stroke: for example quick start-up, smooth travel to the end position, powerful pressing-in and energy-saving return stroke with reduced pressure. By adjusting the flow control valve setting for exhaust air, you can conveniently control the speed, and at the same time achieve shorter cycle times.

Soft Stop

Move heavy loads extremely dynamically and still reduce the cycle times by up to 70%. Soft Stop enables smooth movements, in particular to the end position – without the need for shock absorbers. This increases the lifespan of your system, considerably minimises maintenance and boosts your productivity. The Motion Terminal also learns as it works: all parameters are continuously adjusted to meet the specified setpoint values for a consistent travel time.

Leakage diagnostics

The separate diagnostic cycles enable you to individually detect and locate leakages in the compressed air network. Predefined threshold values thus allow precise and preventive maintenance.


The cylinder can be positioned freely along the entire working stroke when screwing in or when supplying different workpieces. You can easily control the cylinder movement using limit values for the speed, acceleration and jerk parameters. Gentle travel to the work area is possible by specifying the limit values. For selected series with strokes of up to 500 mm.

Simply purchase licences – it couldn’t be easier

Motion Apps

You can order the Motion Terminal via the configurator in the Online Shop. Your purchase includes the Motion Apps from the basic package. If you need further Motion App licences, you can simply add these on. When the VTEM is delivered, all the Motion Apps are saved on the controller and linked to that particular Motion Terminal and cannot be transferred to others.

The demo licence – try all the Motion Apps.

When you buy a Festo Motion Terminal, you will also receive a free demo licence for 30 days. You can use this to try out other single-valve apps: from Selectable pressure level to Positioning and Soft Stop.

Buying additional app licences? Not a problem!

Do you need another app now that your Festo Motion Terminal has been delivered? Simply download it using the Product Key in our App World.