Wide-ranging applications meet best practice

The Festo Motion Terminal really comes into its own in pneumatic regulation of motion, pressure and flow rate. The benefits of this digitalisation are found in all stages of the value chain, both for OEMs as well as for end users. Our customers who use the Motion Terminal benefit from the intelligence of the integrated sensors for new tasks. This experience shows us that the VTEM can be expanded in almost every direction. We would be happy to support you in trying out new application scenarios.

Best practice

The following applications show you the variety of freely combinable motions that are possible with the Motion Terminal, including for retrofitting your system. Be inspired!

Highly flexible pick & place

With the Motion Terminal VTEM you can realise all the functions in your pick & place application in just one system. There is no longer a need for components like shock absorbers, flow control valves, etc.

Since Motion Apps now take over many tasks and replace complicated mechanical structures, the design process is much easier. The process data can be read out at any time so you can respond quickly to deviations and thus ensure consistent quality.

Perform complex processes in parallel

The Motion App "Selectable pressure level" lets you control up to eight double-acting cylinders that perform different tasks for machining a plastic tank in parallel. The digitised pressure control is customised for each cylinder and always ensures the right working pressure without the need for external sensors. You can thus achieve optimum process reliability and save compressed air in many areas.

Control more flow rates simultaneously

The app “Flow control” makes filling containers such as bottles with nitrogen or other gases more economical. The flow for up to eight channels is controlled simultaneously. Thanks to precise dosing, you also save a significant amount of nitrogen. Digitised nitrogen control is tamper-proof, flexible and, thanks to the app “Selectable pressure level”, even shortens cycle times.

Smooth and vibration-free swivelling

The Motion Terminal lets you load workpieces, for example into presses, more smoothly, quickly and efficiently. The virtually vibration-free motion significantly shortens cycle times and at the same time extends the system’s lifetime. Pressure during the empty return travel is low to optimise energy.

Safety and reliability in machine tooling

In this application the Motion Terminal helps you to achieve several objectives at the same time: from custom gripping of the workpieces and accelerated opening and closing of the safety doors to contact monitoring for optimum machining of the workpieces.

Press flexible materials quickly and reliably

Dynamic pressure adjustment via the app “Selectable pressure level” gives you the highest possible process quality when pressing in flexible materials, for example airbags in cartridges. The design process is much more straightforward than conventional pneumatics, and the parameter sets can be conveniently duplicated.

Flexible gripping with end-of-arm-tooling

Robots can perform a wide range of tasks by simply changing the end-of-arm tooling (EOAT), which is equipped with various components. The Motion Terminal makes it easier for you to use this flexibility during operation: no matter how many EOATs are used on a robot, the Motion Terminal controls them all centrally. Design and commissioning become easier at the same time.

Intelligent control of constant web tension

The intelligent, digitised control of the dancer roller ensures a constant web tension at all times, whether for textiles, plastic film or paper. The app “Proportional pressure regulation” immediately compensates for tension fluctuations in the belt. The real-time system monitoring – including via remote diagnostics – significantly increases your process reliability.

Handle delicate components safely, gently and quickly

By combining the Motion Apps “Positioning” and “Proportional pressure regulation” you can resolve the contradiction between speed and safe transport. You can see how this works when handling extremely delicate wafers. The two apps are synchronised so they each play to their strengths at precisely the right points in the process.

Real-life application:

Designer fashion perfectly combines craftsmanship and Industry 4.0

Flexibility, short cycle times and optimum use of materials: these were the requirements for the new machine for producing credit card slots for wallets. Autec, a manufacturer of automation systems for shoe and leather goods factories in Pisa, Italy, developed the machine for a prestigious Italian brand. The ideal solution: the Festo Motion Terminal.

Quick reconfiguration required

Motion Terminal: application example image 1

Autec needed an easily reconfigurable component for the new machine. The function and flow rate of the valves had to be easy to change – and they also had to be remotely controllable – as with the app-controlled Motion Terminal.

The software and apps played a major role in the system implementation. They define the functions of the valves and make a crucial contribution to the flexibility of the machine.
In addition, the apps enable various tools and the operation of the machine to be controlled remotely. Ilario Barsacchi, Engineer and Project Manager at Autec, explains: "Reconfiguring the Festo Motion Terminal is now extremely fast. Instead of ordering, installing and reconfiguring additional proportional valves, all we have to do is activate an app."

Ultra-fast folding of credit card slots

Motion Terminal: application example image 2

Autec’s new machine controls the gluing of two pieces, one made of leather and one made of silk. A servo robot then transfers the glued pieces to a leather folding machine. "In this space-saving, compact solution eight credit card slots can be glued and folded in 14 seconds," continues Barsacchi.

Many functions in one valve – thanks to the apps

Motion Terminal: application example image 3

The Motion Terminal enables a fast change in the tool function from suction gripper head to gripper head with pin terminal as the valves can be used both as proportional valves and as control valves. The system is then just like a reprogrammable piece of hardware and the software content is adapted to the relevant application. The days when a valve only had one function are gone. A piece of administration software for this machine was developed and implemented in a PLC that acts as the interface for controlling the device. The entire process was very simple and did not cause any difficulties.

Zero defects, optimum material utilisation

The error rate associated with manually manufacturing these credit card slots has been eliminated and optimum use is made of the available raw material – thanks to a true Industry 4.0 solution.