Technical training

Festo Didactic – your partner for the development of technical expertise

Megatrends such as digitalisation and electrification as well as the challenges of sustainability are influencing many areas of life, including technical education. But education is also the key to shaping future changes and driving innovation. At Festo Didactic, it is our aim to empower today's and tomorrow's skilled workers with our learning concepts for technical basic and further training so they can meet any new challenges that arise. After all, it is people who use and drive technology forward.

Together with you, we turn technical education into a driving force for innovation

Investing in the education and training of skilled workers is the basis for employability, productivity, innovation and sustainable growth. After all, it is people who use and drive technology forward. That is why we, as part of the German family-owned company Festo, have been offering state-of-the-art learning concepts for technical basic and further training since 1965. Our customers include vocational colleges, universities, research centres, educational institutes and industrial companies all over the world. Thanks to our industrial roots and our expertise in education, we bridge the gap between school curricula and industry requirements. That's how we help students, training managers and professionals alike to develop relevant skills.

Learning concepts for technical education

Our comprehensive learning concepts are based on a well-thought out approach and offer educational learning materials, learning systems and software that are tailored to the training requirements of industrial sectors. These solutions encompass the latest trends in technical education and cover a wide range of technologies. These include factory and process automation, fluid technology, electrical engineering, industrial trades, and much more. The digital learning portal "Festo Learning Experience" is at the centre of our learning concepts. We help create comprehensive learning environments that are perfectly tailored to the individual requirements of each customer and ensure a maximum return on investment.

Festo Didactic – inspiring technical education

Festo Didactic – inspiring technical education

"Lifelong learning is part of the meaning of life and existence."
Dr Wilfried Stoll, co-owner of Festo and the inspiration behind the book "Festo Didactic – a Driving Force in Technical Education"

Find out more about the origins of Festo Didactic and our development, from the first training courses in the 1960s to an international, full-service provider of technical education in the 21st century. Thanks to the perseverance of the Stoll family of shareholders and the commitment of all employees, the vision of taking technical education to over 100 countries and bringing it to life has become a reality.

Read about the origins and history of Festo Didactic here. (PDF, 10MB)