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Process automation

Expandable and fully flexible complete learning platforms

It is extremely important to keep variables such as pressure, flow rate, level, temperature and pH value within the specified range in order to produce goods with a reliable composition and quality. Process automation is a broad and complex field that covers several industry segments and thus has a great need for qualified staff. This is where our unrivalled experience is called for!

Festo – a key partner for the process industry

Our extensive experience in factory and process automation makes us a key partner for the process industry. We work with leading partners in education, research and industry. Our learning systems for process automation benefit from this expertise and are tailored to the requirements of different industries.

Comprehensive coverage of everything from smaller models to flexible, fully fledged industrial systems

Since practical training on real production and industrial plants is seldom possible, the modules, stations, systems and fully equipped learning platforms prepare students for the demands of their profession in the best possible way.

Thanks to the modularity of the learning solutions, a wide range of industries can implement typical production processes in a variety of configurations in a safe learning environment.

Almost all our training devices consist of components and data transmission protocols in industrial and commercial quality for realistic learning. Some systems can even be combined with factory automation systems for extended learning. Our specialists support you in the product selection and planning of an ideal process automation laboratory so that everything is tailored exactly to your requirements.

Our comprehensive range of learning solutions for process automation consists of two main categories: