Electric cylinder EPCO

Easy and dynamic positioning with the electric drive EPCO. Available in three sizes, with a ball screw drive and perfectly matched motor. Its performance can be further improved with the guide unit as an accessory.
  • Linear drive with permanently attached motor
  • With ball screw drive
  • Optional: encoder, holding brake and female thread on the piston rod
  • Two different spindle pitches for high force or high speed
  • Suitable for simple applications in factory automation that in the past were mostly carried out using pneumatic solutions
  • Optional: precise and backlash-free guide
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1. Spindle drive

Spindle drive EPCO

The no-rotating spindle has a ball screw drive and is available in two pitches, depending on the size. It also has lifetime lubrication.

2. Guide unit

Guide unit on the EPCO

The optional external unit with recirculating ball bearing guide with high load bearing capacity absorbs lateral forces and protects against rotation at high torques.

3. Electric cylinder motor unit

The optimally tailored and perfectly compatible motor is permanently mounted on the electric cylinder (mechanical system) ex works.

4. Electrical connections

Electrical connections on the EPCO

The separate cables for the power supply (load) and encoder are suitable for energy chains and pre-assembled up to 10 m. The connection technology and motor are designed with degree of protection IP54.

5. Motor mounting

Motor mounting on the EPCO

The direction of the motor cable outlet is freely selectable with 4 × 90° and is delivered as standard with the outlet direction on top.

6. Motor

The motors for EPCO are available with a holding brake as an option. The optional encoder enables the electric cylinder to be operated in closed-loop mode. Without an encoder, the EPCO can be operated cost-effectively in open-loop mode.

7. End-position cushioning

This absorbs impact energy in both end positions and reduces both the load and noise.

8. Position sensing

Position sensing on the EPCO

Optional sensing with cost-effective proximity switch SMT-8 or SME-8. To mount the sensor, simply attach the aluminium sensor rail or the plastic mounting kit and mount the sensor.