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The various versions of flow sensor SFAM reliably measure flow rates from 10 ... 15000 l/min and transfer the data to your system controller using standardised IO-Link® communication. A high-contrast display and new, updated operating components offer very convenient and reliable operation, even in industrial environments.

Compact to install

When combined with the service units MS6 and MS9, it saves installation space while also reducing installation effort without laminar flow inlet. The SFAM is also available as a standalone device with laminar flow inlet and can be used for vertical installation.

One flow sensor for everything

The built-in pressure sensor and temperature measurement offer a wide range of options for process monitoring and control. In addition, by eliminating the need for an additional pressure sensor the installation effort and costs can be minimised. The ability to measure the gases Ar, N2,and C02 also allows you to monitor inert gas applications.

New with IO-Link® communication

All measurement data can be transferred to the controller via the IO-Link® interface. The advantages are minimal wiring effort, convenient remote parameterisation and a cost-effective, standardised connecting cable.

Maximum flexibility for maximum cost efficiency

PNP or NPN? NO or NC? 0 … 10 V, 1 … 5 V or 4 … 20 mA? The SFAM can do everything in one device. The electrical outputs can be switched using software. This also simplifies storage, reduces costs and provides greater flexibility.

The flow sensor SFAM with a wide range of functions

  • Switchable analogue outputs (4 … 20 mA / 0 … 10 V and 1 … 5 V)
  • Changing colour display for visualising the switching status
  • Adjustable volume pulse for measuring the consumption at the controller level
  • Volume recorder with value memory in case the power inadvertently switches off
  • Output of volume and mass flow rate as well as energy measurement in all the common units
  • Security code freely selectable and adjustable (4-digit code) Min/max value memory
  • High accuracy, even at compressed air quality [7:4:4] in line with ISO 8573-1:2010

Keeping an eye on energy efficiency

With the SFAM, fluctuations and anomalies in compressed air consumption can be conveniently monitored via IO-Link®. This also allows leakages to be monitored, even in large systems with high flow rates, thus reducing operating costs. The evaluation of the energy and thus the CO2 consumption can be carried out at the plant level thanks to the new output function of the SFAM. This contributes significantly to managing energy consumption in production.