Rotary gripper module EHMD

The rotary gripper module EHMD is ideal for gripping and rotating/aligning small objects in laboratory automation or the electronics industry. For example, various kinds of sample vials with volumes of up to 15 ml can be opened without difficulty.
  • Ideal for small objects in laboratory automation
  • Infinite electrical rotation and electrical or pneumatic gripping
  • Gripping and turning to open and close covers on vials
  • Optional: mounting with Z-compensation compensates for the thread pitch of covers on vials during opening and closing
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Rotating and gripping

The most compact rotary gripper module in its class is ideal for handling small objects in a wide variety of applications. The EHMD is particularly suitable for laboratory automation, for example for easy opening of a large range of sample vials. The unique Z module automatically adjusts to the thread pitches of the caps, without any changeover times! And the EHMD can also be easily integrated with the motor controller CMMO-ST or CMMT-ST in force mode.

Easy opening of small sample vials

Applications across various industries

The EHMD's operation is completely reliable for in vitro diagnostics, cell or genome research and for quality inspections in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. It also offers this reliability when it comes to preparing and analysing samples, when loading centrifuges, when gripping, rotating and placing microwell plates or even when opening and closing sample vials of different sizes. In combination with a 3D gantry, it can also carry out quality inspections with cameras, bar code recognition or printing operations with label printers, including in small parts assembly and the electronics industry or the food and beverage industry.

Pneumatic or electric?

The EHMD comes in two versions: fully electric or with a pneumatic gripper. Both allow infinite rotation.