Linear cylinders with displacement encoders

Linear drives with displacement encoder

Linear drives with a displacement encoder are used with Soft Stop for pneumatic positioning or for measurement tasks. The rodless drives with displacement encoder DGCI offer a wide range of diameters of 18 to 63 mm and stroke lengths of 100 to 2,000 mm. As it has a high-quality recirculating ball bearing guide, there is often no need for an additional guide. It has a digital displacement encoder that measures absolute values, an optional brake, additional carriage and lubrication adapter.
The DDLI also comes in diameters 18 to 63 mm and stroke lengths of 100 to 2,000 mm, but does not have a guide so it can be used with the customer's own recirculating ball bearing guide. It is optionally available with the moment compensator DARD for backlash-free coupling of the load; and also with a contactless displacement encoder for measuring absolute values. DNCI/DDPC – offering a diameter from 32 to 100 mm and stroke lengths of 100 to 750 mm for Soft Stop and pneumatic positioning. They are available as measuring cylinders for strokes up to 2,000 mm.
They have a contactless measuring incremental displacement encoder, come in various piston rod designs and a standards-based cylinder to ISO 15552 and are optionally available with a guide and clamping unit.