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Vacuum generator OVEM for process reliability

For gentle, economical and reliable handling in a wide range of industries. The OVEM is a compact unit with a large range of functions that can be individually selected. Five performance classes and the new IO-Link® communication standard make it the optimal solution for every application.

To increase process reliability and reduce machine downtime, the evacuation time and vacuum level are monitored by a vacuum sensor and shown on the display. The ejector pulse, which is activated separately, ensures that the workpieces are set down safely. Energy-saving: the integrated non-return valve prevents the pressure from dropping after the vacuum is switched off.

Easy to maintain
The integrated filter with inspection window indicates the need for maintenance and provides reliability. In addition, the open silencer combines low noise values with low maintenance requirements.

Easy to operate
Clear layout with all the control elements on one side. IO-Link® makes commissioning and parameterisation very easy, while M12 multi-pin plugs enable straightforward electrical installation. Mounting is effortless thanks to the function integration.

The technical highlights presented by the Product Manager