Linear axes

Electric axes from Festo

Electric axes are motor-driven linear drives used in positioning, assembly and handling technology. Toothed belt and spindle axes are particularly common. Festo also offers a cantilever axis as well as complete solutions consisting of an integrated drive, motor and servo drive.

Spindle axes

The Festo Core Range includes our spindle axis EGC-BS and our spindle axis ELGC-BS. The spindle axis EGC-BS impresses with high repeat accuracy and its recirculating ball bearing guide for high loads and torques, while the ELGC-BS stands out because of its compact design and the possibility of flexible motor connection. The spindle axis EGC-BS has a unique, optimised cross-section that achieves maximum rigidity and load capacity. The spindle axis ELGC-BS is our cost-effective variant that has extremely compact dimensions and is therefore especially suitable for use in small parts handling or desktop applications.

As an extremely compact and cost-effective complete solution, consisting of an integrated drive, motor and servo drive, our core range includes the spindle axis unit ELGS-BS, which is ideal for precise XY movements, for instance in assembly systems or in small parts handling. Other key features of the electric axis ELGS-BS include a high-performance ball screw, the easy-to-clean design and the two standard integrated control options – IO-Link® and digital I/O (DIO). Other Festo spindle axes, for example the ELGT-BS, stand out not just for their compact design, but also for their high load capacity and rigidity, which is provided by the double-acting guide.

Cantilever axes

Our cantilever axis ELCC is very light and at the same time very rigid. It is used especially in the packaging industry for palletising and other positioning tasks with long strokes. It is designed for loads of up to 100 kilograms and achieves up to 30% lower cycle times. Other characteristics are the fixed drive head and the high rigidity thanks to its innovative design principle.

Toothed belt axes

As a dynamic linear drive, our heavy-duty toothed belt axis EGC-TB achieves high speeds even with large loads and long strokes. It is optionally available with a single- or double-sided clamping unit. Our toothed belt axis ELGC-TB is a cost-effective variant, offering extremely compact dimensions and optimum use of installation space, making it ideally suited for use in small parts handling or desktop applications. It has an extremely precise and resilient internal guide and toothed belts, which are protected by a stainless steel cover strip. Motors can also be flexibly connected. Both toothed belt axes are part of the Festo Core Range. Also on offer from Festo is a complete solution with integrated drive, motor and servo drive: our toothed belt axis unit ELGS-TB, which is ideal for precise XY movements and has a long service life.

These electric axes fulfil a wide range of requirements. At Festo you will find electric axes with the right price/performance ratio, whether for low and medium loads, or for high speeds, accelerations, loads and torques.