Rotary indexing tables

Rotary indexing tables

Rotary indexing tables convert a uniform drive movement into a clocked output movement, which is why they are also known as indexing tables or rotary tables. Due to the rotary movement, rotary indexing tables are also called rotating worktable. At Festo, rotary indexing tables stand for resilience, cost-effectiveness and precision. The pneumatic rotary indexing tables DHTG are very quiet in operation and accelerate safely and smoothly. These features are particularly advantageous when handling delicate goods.

Rotary indexing tables DHTG

The pneumatic rotary indexing table DHTG is designed for partially automated systems, equipment buffers, swivel tasks and separation tasks. Its high load-bearing capacity, precision and cost-effectiveness as well as its compact design and great user friendliness set new benchmarks. The DHTG can be conveniently changed from anticlockwise to clockwise rotation, and also to reciprocating motion, flexible operation or another indexing configuration. The DHTG provides safe, smooth and sinusoidal acceleration – and quiet operation. To prevent the rotary indexing table from being damaged by an excessive mass moment of inertia, e.g. during set-up or in the event of shock absorber failure, sizes 140 and 220 feature overload protection.

Other highlights are the simple operation from one side, the integrated overload protection as well as the quick and easy installation with the plug-and-work principle.

Rotary indexing table DHTG

Rotary indexing table DHTG – technical details

Key features

  • Can be changed from anticlockwise to clockwise rotation (delivery status: clockwise rotation)
  • A kit enables flexible operation (enabling clockwise/anticlockwise rotation and reciprocating motion without the need for conversion)
  • Stationary middle part and through-hole

Indexing/Indexing conversion

  • Can be converted at a later date


  • Inductive sensors integrated into the housing


  • End-position cushioning is adjustable using an adjusting screw for the shock absorber Overload protection
  • ensures that the table will not be exposed to excessive tangential forces during rotary operation – only in size 140 and 220


  • Through-holes from the top of the housing
  • Centring holes underneath the housing


  • Unmachined table plates
  • Adapter for rotary distributor GF
  • Adjustable ring bearing on the outside diameter of the plate
  • Flow control of the drive piston with integrated flow control valve